Blog - February 6, 2024

You could have an extremely rare Palworld Pal and not even realize it

Hunting for rare and hard-to-find Friends is one of the greatest joys in Palworld and can be a source of great achievement—but you may already have an extremely rare Friend.

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Try to find legendary Friends like Jetragon and Frostallion in Palworld is an important step if you want to complete your Paldeck, but although they are among the hardest Paldecks to catch, some Paldecks are much harder to get.

Elizabee and its sub-objects in Palworld.Girls just want to have fun. Screenshot via Pocktepair YouTube

While the likes of Kingpaca, Beegarde and Elizabee are unlikely to be the rarest Pals you can find and can all be accessed very early in Palworld, finding each of these Friends of a specific gender is an extremely difficult challenge to compete with.

Although most Pals have a 50/50 chance of being male or female, there are some exceptions. Kingpaca and Ice Kingpaca have a 90% chance of being male, while your odds of getting a male Beegarde or Elizabee are only 10%.

While that quartet has the most skewed gender ratio, they’re not the only ones. Warsect has an 85% chance of being male, while Lovander, Lyleen, and Lyleen Noct only have a 30% chance of being male. Completing the list are Dazzi and Mozzarine, both of whom only have a 20% chance of being male.

Having male or female versions of these Friends has no use other than bragging rights to other players as it does not affect their Partner Skills. For example, a male Mozzarina still produces milk when assigned to the Farm — I don’t even want to consider how that works.

However, the next time a friend is flexing about their Lucky Pals collection or showing off their favorite Pal with maxed out stats after spending hours breeding, you can turn the tables. by showing off an even rarer Pal.