Blog - February 5, 2024

Xbox head Phil Spencer to address PS5 rumors next week: ‘We hear you’

Don’t start saving up for Xbox exclusives on PlayStation just yet.

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Head of Xbox Phil Spencer spoke out this afternoon about ongoing reports of games exclusive to Xbox consoles such as Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush, And Indiana Jones comes to PlayStation 5 as part of Microsoft’s new initiative to make its games available across multiple platforms.

A Starfield character walking in New Atlantis.Is this coming to PS5 soon? Image via Bethesda

It seems the rumor got so loud that Spencer was forced to address it today, and to do so quickly and succinctly while revealing more news to come soon.

“We are listening and we hear you,” Spencer said on Twitter/X on February 5. “We have a business update event planned next week where we expect wanted to share more details with you about our vision for the future of Xbox. Stay the same.” As reported by The Verge, this “business update” is when Xbox officially announced and laid out its plans to bring the game to PS5 and other platforms.

Unsurprisingly, rumors of Xbox exclusives making their way to the PS5 have not gone down well with fans of the Microsoft console. “Fanboy wars” have been going on for over two decades, where fans of specific consoles root for their favorite games while protesting their opponents, can go to conclude.

But it’s also quite warranted. For those who save hundreds of dollars to play a game they thought would only be available on one console, the news that the game is playable on another console is a no-brainer. welcome.

PlayStation fans may be trying to play certain games on PS5 that they haven’t before, but nothing is official yet. It seems like Spencer and the rest of Xbox have seen the feedback and could pivot if cross-platform plans are still in the cards.

For now, however, Xbox and PS5 fans will have to wait until sometime next week to find out what’s going on behind closed doors at Microsoft.