Blog - February 7, 2024

WoW SoD: Penalties for using GDKP in WoW Classic Season of Discovery explained

The beginning of the second phase of Classic WoW Season of Discovery is removing one of the oldest and most trusted ways to get gear: GDKP runs.

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Over the years, these races (short for Golden Dragon Kill Points) have become extremely popular among gamers. Classic WoW community as they have helped players earn both gear and gold in raid groups. But on January 30, Blizzard announced that running GDKP would become a thing of the past in phase two of SoD, citing “concerns surrounding the erosion of traditional guild and social structures.” which is part of the spirit of Season of Discovery.”

GDKP runs allow players to bid on certain items as they drop during a dungeon raid. Players can go back and forth with their bids until the player with the highest bid ultimately wins the device. Then, the gold they spent to buy that equipment will be divided equally between the players who did not win it. In short, GDKP runs are a win-win scenario for players looking to earn gold or acquire new gear, but they sometimes negatively incentivize players to buy gold to catch up with the rest of their base. player base.

“GDKP can create an ‘arms race’ effect that encourages players to buy gold so they can compete for the best items,” Blizzard said earlier this month.

The GDKP system also takes full advantage of the traditional raiding process as running is done almost exclusively by loot groups (PUGs) and removes a lot of the community aspect of raids and methods earn/distribute its traditional loot.

What happens if you run GDKP Classic WoW SoD phase two?

Gnomeregan arena with mech robot as bossGnomeregan will be the new SoD phase two raid. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has been It’s extremely clear what the consequences are for players participating in the GDKP run during phase two of the Season of Discovery. “Account actions up to and including suspended And close account permanently” was promised by the game developers. Players caught engaging in these activities or advertising them in commercial or general chat will face consequences.

Remember that running GDKP is still on the table in other versions of OH And Classic WoW. This change only applies to Season of Discovery servers.

Running GDKP will be outlawed within OH SoD begins February 8 at 3pm CT.