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WoW SoD: How to prepare for WoW Classic Season of Discovery phase 2

Classic World of Warcraft Season of Discovery phase two will release on February 8. If you don’t want to hear Illidan’s voice in your head saying, “You’re not prepared,” then complete the checklist we prepared for you.

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Whether you’re a dad gamer or a hardcore racer, it’s best to prepare all of your characters for phase two, especially if you want to immediately jump into the new content. In phase two, leveling up from 25 to 40 will definitely take you longer, and Blizzard has made sure to add a bunch of unique items to Season of Discovery. It can be quite annoying when you leave loose ends behind and you have to return to the same area while everyone else is enjoying their time in Stranglethorn Vale. So here it is How to prepare for Classic WoW Discovery season phase two.

How to prepare for Classic WoW Discovery season phase two

The to-do list to prepare your character for Season of Discovery is quite long, but you’ve probably already completed some of these things just playing the game. Ideally, you will complete this entire checklist and enter phase two with a smile on your face.

Level up your character to level 25

Tauren Druid casts wrath magic.  at a normal pedestrianSpeed ​​up all your characters. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The first and most important thing on this to-do list is Level up all the characters you plan to play up to level 25. This includes your main character and any other characters you want to play. You’ll have a head start when you have all your characters at level 25, and you won’t have to waste time running old dungeons. Once phase two launches, you’ll get experience bonuses from level one to level 25, but you don’t want to be stuck in the Barrens while your friends are in Stranglethorn Vale.

Increase your career level to 150

The alchemy shop in WoW is filled with vials and potionsThere are a lot of new recipes in phase two. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The career limit in stage one is 150, and you definitely want to speed all your characters up. Have a ton of career change phase two includes new ingredients and recipes as well as increased level caps, and you want to start collecting those as soon as possible. Occupations are a great source of gold, especially when periods drop due to high demand. So if you get your hands on a valuable recipe or rare crafting materials early, you can make a fortune.

Level up your weapon skills

Ax-swinging warrior in WoW ClassicYou want to be ready for PvP. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Level up your weapon skills Classic WoW It’s kind of boring since you can’t hit enemies and deals less damage, making killing a tiger seem like a raid boss—but it’s necessary. So buy the cheapest sword or mace from the auction house (if you’re not already using one), and head out to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and upgrade your weapon skills on those low-level mobs. This won’t take you much time (maximum half an hour if starting from level one).

Equip all your characters

Aku'mai final boss in Blackfathom DepthsClear the Blackfathom depth as many times as possible. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

You may have completed Blackfathom Depths multiple times in phase one, but I have to remind you that having the best equipment in the slot is quite important. This will help you take down mobs while leveling up and give you an advantage when fighting players in Stranglethorn Vale and Hillsbrad Foothills. The next big PvP event like Battle for Ashenvale will take place in Stranglethorn Vale, an area that is famous for being a large open world battlefield and players will want to kill you on sight. So, the best way for you to survive in this hostile jungle is to equip great equipment and defeat the opposing players before they get you.

Unlock flying points

A Tauren in Booty Bay, standing in the heart of the city in WoW ClassicTake a walk now and save time later. Screenshot of Dot Esports

If you want to move from area to area much faster than other players, I recommend running now to places like Hillsbrad Foothills, Stranglethorn Vale, Thousand Needles, and Dustwallow Marsh, and choose flight path. That way, you won’t waste time running around with multiple players, and you can come in like a gentleman, place the Hearthstone, get the quest, and start searching right away.