Blog - February 7, 2024

WoW SoD: How to get Vision Dust in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

IN World of Warcraft Classic, Vision Dust is an essential reagent for mid-level enchantment recipes.

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In the second phase of Classic WoW Season of discovery, Dust vision will be a go-to crafting ingredient for mages who want to create level-appropriate talismans for their groups and raids. Vision Dust is also used in the new, epic quality Tailoring helmet formula: Monocle Arcano-Filament is linked to Gneuro.

Similar to Strange Dust in phase one of SoD, Vision Dust is the next step up when it comes to crafting components. This is where you can find Vision Dust in the second phase of Classic WoW Season of discovery.

Vision Raising dust and internal sources Classic WoW

Overview of rock formations in Thousand Needles in WoW ClassicMany parts of the world will become suitable for farming purposes in SoD phase two. Screenshot of Dot Esports

As with many of the crafting components needed for the enchanter craft, Vision Dust can be found by removing relatively strong equipment.

Most internal devices OH can be decoded into Vision Dust will be found between levels 38 to 40, so it’s likely you won’t receive any of these rewards until the end of phase two. Most of your Vision Dust farming will happen at the end of phase two when you’re running dungeons like Scarlet Monastery, Razorfen Downs and Uldaman. Additionally, many items dropped in the new Gnomeregan raid will be able to turn into Vision Dust.

If you really need Vision Dust, we recommend enchanting any uncommon (green) equipment you get from leveling up, completing quests, and defeating mobs in the later parts of the game. search process of phase two. You can also get Vision Dust from multiple sources in the open world once you reach level 40, so while you won’t necessarily gain experience while questing at that point, you can get equipped or dropped in the world results in Vision Dust. Just make sure the quality of the drops isn’t so high that losing the enchantment will actually have a negative impact on the value of your build or character. Some rare drops are valuable Are not disappointed by their sheer power or their high bids at the Auction House.