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WoW SoD: How to get to Stranglethorn Vale in WoW Classic Season of Exploration

In the second phase of Classic WoW Season of Discovery, the new main discovery hub, is coming soon Ancient Thorn Valley. This area is one of the most infamous and popular areas ever created in World of Warcraftlargely due to its wide level range and reputation for world PvP.

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In SoD phase two, Stranglethorn will have quests from level 25 to 45, which fits perfectly into the next level framework. Furthermore, this area will be home to the new Blood Moon PvP event, which is quite similar to the Battle for Ashenvale event from phase one.

To start experiencing all that phase two has to offer, you’ll probably want to head to Stranglethorn Vale as soon as you can, assuming you haven’t already. It is in this area that you will find many experience missions as well as Booty Bay’s new intended ending player hub. Regardless of your faction, to Stranglethorn Vale (STV) is relatively easy. Here’s how you can do it right at the start of phase two of Classic WoW Artificial grass.

How to get to Stranglethorn Vale as Alliance in Classic WoW

A dwarf in World of Warcraft flies along the coast of Stranglethorn Vale towards Booty Bay in WoW Classic on a gryphonPlayers in the alliance need to run through the entire area before they can unlock the flight path. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The main difference between Horde and Alliance players when it comes to Stranglethorn Vale is where they enter the region. Alliance players will typically enter Stranglethorn Vale through its most northern entry point, while Horde players will come from the south.

Most Alliance players will enter Stranglethorn Vale through its northern entrance. This entrance can be found just off the road leading out Sunset tree. If you’re on the main road in Duskwood, turn south and you’ll see signs leading towards STV as the road changes. This path will take you to the Rebel Camp north of Stranglethorn, where you can begin the Colonel Kurzen quest chain. If you want to get to Booty Bay, you’ll have to follow the main road that leads through the whole of Stranglethorn Vale.

How to get to Stranglethorn as a Horde player

A Tauren in Booty Bay, standing in the heart of the city in WoW ClassicIt’s as easy as taking a boat to the Horde. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Horde players will have a much easier time getting to Stranglethorn Vale as there is a boat that takes them directly to the region’s actual capital, Booty Bay. This boat is located at ratchet, can be found in the Barrens. It’s a relatively natural progression for Horde players to sail to Booty Bay from Ratchet whenever they level up in the Barrens, so chances are you’ve encountered Booty Bay in phase one. But if you haven’t, it’s very easy to get there from one of your main leveling zones on Kalimdor.