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WoW SoD: How to get Mageweave in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Magic is one of the most sought after crafting materials in Classic World of Warcraft Discovery season phase two. Not only do Tailors want this to craft various pieces of cloth, but Engineers, Blacksmiths, and players using First Aid also need it.

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This is the next fabric after Silk and it is priceless. If you get off to a good start and farm Mageweave early in phase two, you can earn a lot of gold. Luckily, there are no requirements to get this crafting material, and you can farm it regardless of your level and primary profession. So here’s how to get Mageweave in Classic WoW Season of discovery.

How to put Mageweave on Classic WoW Season of discovery

Mageweave drops from Humanoid mobs from level 40 to 51. Mobs that drop them can be found in dungeons and open world areas, and how you want to farm it is up to you. Due to the level limit in Season of Discovery phase two, I recommend focusing on mobs between levels 40 and 45, otherwise killing them will take too long and be quite dangerous. You can team up with friends in a guild and divide the loot or gold after selling it on the auction house.

What is Mageweave used for in Classic WoW Season of discovery?

This item has several uses during Season of Discovery. First, you can transfer it in your capital cities to get it reputation with your home faction. For example, if you are a Night Elf and turn it into Darnassus, you will gain 150 reputation points with them. I usually never use this, not with high value materials like Mageweave.

You can also Use it for Tailored to craft Mageweave Bolts and then use it to craft gear like Red Mageweave Pants, Star Belt, handbag, Monocle-Filament Arcano-Linked Gneuro and many other cool fabric gear.

Engineer during Season of Discovery also need Mageweave to get Gnomish Mind Control Helm, Gnomish Mind Control Helm, Goblin Sapper Charge, and EZ-Thro Dynamite II.

At the beginning of phase two, Blacksmith will also be on the lookout for any Mageweave they may acquire. This allows them to craft Mithril Scale Gauntlets, Mithril Scale Gauntlets, Ornate Mithril Gloves, and Mithril Coifs.

Final, player with First aid will need this for bandaging, and even Leather worker There are a number of recipes that can use Mageweave.

Best Mageweave farming spot in Classic WoW Season of discovery

All regions in Season of Discovery phase two are competitive, meaning there are no separate farming spots for Alliance and Horde players. You compete for Mageweave farming slots against opposing players, which can easily turn into an open-world battlefield.


Feralas map, showing the best Mageweave farming spots.The best Mageweave farming spot in Feralas. Screenshot of Dot Esports. Remix by Izabela Tomakic

Gordunni Ogres in Feralas are by far the best mobs you can farm for Mageweave. They are usually level 40 or 41 and have a drop rate of around 55%. While in Ferals, you can visit Grimtotem mobs at levels 41 and 42 and they have a 42% chance of dropping Mageweave. You will be able to solo all of these mobs, so there is no need to assemble a group.


Tanaris map, showing the best Mageweave farming spots.Best Mageweave farming spot in Tanaris. Screenshot of Dot Esports. Remix by Izabela Tomakic

When traveling to Tanaris, you should stick to the north side of the area as the south is full of high level mobs that will kill you on sight. I have two great points for Season of Discovery players—side area with Wastewanders and pirates. While Wastewanders are level 41 to 45 and have about a 35% chance of dropping Mageweave, pirates are level 44 to 45. Again, these mobs are soloable, but I recommend drinking and eating full after each pull.

Stranglethorn Valley

Map of Stranglethorn Vale, showing the best Mageweave farming spots.Best Mageweave farming spot in Stranglethorn Vale. Screenshot of Dot Esports. Remix by Izabela Tomakic

Another great Mageweave farming location is Southsea crowd south of Stranglethorn Vale. Their levels vary from 43 to 45 and the 40% drop rate is really good. You can easily take them down yourself. Be careful when moving between them; they are often close together and you can pull more than you can handle with just one wrong step.