Blog - February 3, 2024

WoW SoD: How to get experience buffs in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

You’ve finally decided to get involved in something World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery Take action with your squad. However, soloing to level up will be done first. ONE Experience lover help you speed up the process, and Blizzard has a solution for you.

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Meeting friends is one of my least favorite experiences in MMORPGs. Completing beginner quests while they’re about raids and dungeons can get old quickly, so any help is appreciated to help you level up quickly in WoW classic SoD.

Where to get experience buffs? WoW’s classic season of exploration

A dwarf knight is fishingDid we all just get an experience buff? Screenshot of Dot Esports

All Players below level 25 will automatically receive a 50% experience buff IN WoW classic SoD Phase two. The Blackfathom Deeps dungeon will also reward players with more experience upon completion during this time. The World Buff related to this dungeon will remain in effect until level 39.

Waylaid Supplies experience rewards will increase, but Blizzard has not revealed numbers on this issue. Three experiential initiatives will result WoW classic SoD Phase Two is the perfect time to invite friends back to the game.

These bonuses not only help players catch up, but are also useful for players looking to create alternative characters. If you’re considering inviting a friend back to the game, you can tag their journey by creating an alt.

The Phase two The experience buff will launch on February 8, and there are other important changes players want to see in the patch. When alt generation becomes popular again, I’d like to see instant mailing between alts because waiting 60 minutes for mailing doesn’t cut it anymore.