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WoW SoD: How to farm Grave Moss in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Grave Moss is one of the most sought after herbs in the world Classic World of Warcraft, especially now in the early stages of Discovery Season. Grave Moss is used for two important potions in OHone of them is Shadow Oil, a DPS enhancer applied to melee weapons and uses Shadowbolt as an attack effect.

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Grave Moss is also needed for the Elixir of Coalesced Regret, a key item in gathering epic gear during the first phase of Season of Discovery.

Below are some of the best places to grow Grave Moss Classic World of Warcraft.

Where to find the Grave Moss herb in Classic WoW

Grave Moss is a relatively unique herb because it only occurs in WoW’s cemetery. You’ll have to travel to the cemeteries of Azeroth to have any chance of finding this deadly plant, and you’ll need to have a Herbology skill of at least 120 to collect it.

Most of the hotspots where Grave Moss is Classic WoW located on the Eastern Kingdom continent. Each open world area such as Duskwood and Wetlands contains nodes where Grave Moss can be planted. In addition to the open world areas, one of the most popular short-term dungeons in the game, Scarlet Monastery, is especially rich in Grave Moss. Many players will run to the graveyard wing of Scarlet Monastery to try to collect the rare herb.

The wetlands map in WoW Classic has a map pin on Ironbeard's Tomb.Ironbeard’s Tomb is home to some Grave Moss. Screenshots and remixes by Dot Esports WoW Classic screenshot of Duskwood with a map pin hovering over Raven Hill Cemetery.Many of the tombstones of WoW’s largest graveyard, Raven Hill, are inhabited by numerous Grave Moss. Screenshots and remixes by Dot Esports

We recommend farming in open world areas first, Later go into the Scarlet Monastery if you need more Grave Moss. Open world locations where Grave Moss can be grown include Raven Hill Cemetery in Duskwood, as well as Ironbeard’s Tomb in the Wetlands. However, you may encounter some competition at these locations as they are quite popular among herbalists.