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WoW SoD: Buy first aid skill books in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

If you are leveling up First aid IN Classic World of WarcraftDuring Season of Discovery (SoD), you’ll notice the next phase of content requires you to do things a little differently to learn the recipes for new ice types.

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In phase two of Classic WoW SoD, the two main types of bandages you will craft and use as a First Aid specialist are Heavy silk tape And Mageweave tape. However, the formulas for these two bandages are not found in your regular first aid supplies and instead must be purchased from specific suppliers around the world. Depending on your faction, Horde and Alliance players will need to seek out different vendors to learn the recipes for crafting Heavy Silk Bandages and Mageweave Bandages.

The Heavy Silk Bandage learning guide requires a First Aid skill of 180, while the Mageweave Bandage learning guide requires a First Aid skill of 210. You can purchase both guidebooks for less than one gold. This is where you can find them.

WoW SoD: How to train Mageweave Ice and Heavy Silk Ice

Aerial view of the Arathi Highlands in WoW via flight view.The Arathi Plateau is where Alliance players can continue to level up First Aid in SoD phase two. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To find guides for using Mageweave and Heavy Silk Bandages, Alliance players will need to look Deneb Walker, a human vendor that can be found at Stromgarde Keep in the Arathi Highlands. Among many other items, Walker sells essential manuals for Mageweave tape and Heavy Silk Tape. Once inside Stromgarde Keep in the southwest Arathi Plateau, go coordinates [27, 59] to find Deneb Walker. However, be careful when passing through this area as Stromgarde Keep is famous for being home to an elite crowd.

Horde players will have a slightly easier time following these two guides as they just need to go in Dusty swamp, located right next to the Barrens’ early-game leveling area. The NPC that sells manuals for using Mageweave and Heavy Silk Bandage to Horde players is called Lok’Wein Hall and can be found in Brackenwall Village at coordinates [36, 30].

The maximum skill level of the First Aid profession in stage two of OH Season of Discovery will be 225 and these two guidebooks will be the key components to helping you reach that level.