Blog - February 5, 2024

WoW Season of Discovery players agree that one type of armor needs a major buff in phase 2

Classic World of Warcraft Phase two of Season of Discovery is almost here and players are making the final preparations. But one player realized that Plate Gear had terrible stats, sparking a huge discussion.

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On February 4, while reviewing the device from Gnomeregan, Reddit user LolekCZ noticed that the slab device may be weak in phase two. DPS Warriors and Knights may need leather equipment instead of plates for added agility. Of course, this means more competition for equipment and the classes that can only wear leather will not be happy about this. Druids and Rogues may be the biggest victims of this.

Screenshot of the area in front of the Gnomeregan dungeon in WoW.Gnomeregan is the next raid. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Warriors and Knights need leather equipment in phase one because mail pieces simply don’t provide enough stats. That said, the device holds up quite well. Ideally, Blizzard would upgrade the plate gear before the release of phase two on February 8. But I can’t imagine the developers would make such a big change so close to the cutoff date. .

Datamined and even confirmed devices are still prone to change though, and it’s likely that Blizzard will take action before it’s too late.

Season of Discovery phase two will launch on February 8, along with the Blood Moon event, the Gnomeregan raid, and additional Gems for you to discover. Blizzard is keeping a lot of content a secret so there will almost certainly be a few surprises.