Blog - February 7, 2024

WoW Season of Discovery phase 2 countdown: Exact start time and release date

From Classic World of Warcraft Season of Discovery releases on November 30, fans have been wondering when phase two will fall. Blizzard has officially confirmed the start date and time, and you don’t have much longer to wait before SoD phase two.

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Season of Discovery is a seasonal group Classic WoW the servers are said to be lasts about a year, like its predecessor, Season of Mastery. Including the release patch, Season of Discovery will have a total of four phases, as well as an additional ending update in late 2024. If you’re wondering exactly when Classic WoW Phase two discovery season will begin and what it will include, here is the answer.

OH Season of Discovery phase two release date and time

Second phase of Classic WoW Season of discovery launches on February 8 In 3pm CT/4pm EST/6pm BRT/9pm GMT. This means the second phase will take place just over two months after the first SoD launch. The next phases will take place in the spring and summer, according to Blizzard’s 2024 World of Warcraft route.

Below you’ll see a countdown timer showing the exact number of hours and minutes you have to wait before stage two drops.

Days Hours Minutes Seconds 1:06:39:55

North America and Oceania OH Season of Discovery phase two release date and time

  • Hawaii: 11 a.m. HST February 8
  • Alaska: 12 noon AKST February 8
  • Angles: February 8, 1 p.m. Pacific Time
  • Mountain time zone: 2 p.m. MDT February 8
  • Central time zone: 3pm CT February 8
  • New York: 4pm EST February 8
  • Nova Scotia, Puerto Rico: February 8, 5 p.m
  • São Paulo, Brazil: 6pm BRT February 8
  • Sydney, Australia: 8am AEDT February 9

Europe and Asia OH Season of Discovery phase two release date and time

  • London, England: 9pm GMT February 2 number 8
  • Paris, France: 10pm CEST February 8
  • Istanbul, Türkiye: 12 noon TRT February 9
  • Seoul, South Korea: 6 a.m. KST February 9

Confirmed features coming soon Classic WoW Discovery season phase two

In a video titled “Introducing Season of Discovery and a Peek at What’s Next” on WoWCast on December 1, senior game producer Josh Greenfield and principal software engineer Nora Valletta confirmed the phase two will increase level limit to 40introduce Gnomeregan as a raidand moving the world PvP event from Ashenvale to Stranglethorn Vale.

On top of that, you can expect even more Runes (new abilities) for each of your classes. There are currently 12 runes in the game for each class, with more ability modifier runes to be added in future SoD stages.