Blog - February 1, 2024

WoW Season of Discovery data suggests another much-needed change coming to phase 2

Classic World of Warcraft Season of Discovery phase two is just around the corner, launching on February 8. In the days since the January 30 preview, SoD has been making waves with datamined content. Wowhead just found another much needed change and I really hope it makes it to the live version.

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On January 31, Wowhead datamined updated versions of dungeon loot, specifically from Scarlet Abbey, Uldaman, and Razorfen Downs. Most of the improved items are movement equipment to help Priests, Mages, and Warlocks stay competitive on the DPS leaderboards against Warriors and Rogues, who are running rampant . Warriors and Rogues are the two best DPS classes in Season of Discovery and many believe this will continue in phase two of SoD.

Troll Priest fires the Penance spellThis booty was supposed to help the baker. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Enhanced items will convert stats like Spirits or random spells to gain magical and healing powers, providing higher throughput to practitioner classes. Another reason why Blizzard was able to update the existing dungeon items is because Blackfathom Depth’s loot is extremely powerful, especially the Epic quality items.

So if you raid in stage one, you probably won’t get many gear upgrades from level 25 to 40 dungeons, especially if you’re a crafter. Blizzard clearly wants to give you a reason to do dungeon leveling and collect loot, and what better way than to upgrade their loot table.

There are a few mail items in the list, but most of the changes focus on wheel gear for both the healer and DPS classes. Remember, though—data mining doesn’t necessarily mean changes will be made, so take all of this with a grain of salt. You’ll know for sure whether Blizzard will update existing dungeon items when phase two goes live on February 8. Until then, sit tight and count down the days until it launched.