Blog - February 4, 2024

WoW players just discovered a 2-year-old secret that’s been kept hidden since Shadowlands

Shadow land is probably everyone’s least favorite World of Warcraft expansion, but at least it has nice cosmetics and collectibles. Despite its negative reputation, it turns out Shadow land is a gift that keeps on giving, as OH secret hunters just found an item hidden in the game since Zereth Mortis was added in February 2022.

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Players on the WoW Secrets Discord server came together to explore the enlightened Hearthstone—a secret toy hidden in the most unexpected places. It’s an alternate Hearthstone item with the same cast and cooldown as other Hearthstones, with eye-catching new animations.

The platform in Zereth Mortis where players can obtain enlightened Hearthstone itemsThere were a lot of people here a while ago. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Secret hunters have discovered that Enlightened Hearthstone is hidden behind a simple group puzzle in Zereth Mortis, a vibrant area added in the game’s last major patch. Shadow land. Six players need to use the Sphere of Enlightened Cogitation toy while sitting on the six pillars surrounding the Forge of Afterlives in the center of the map. This toy has always been a bit of a mystery—you can get it from the archives of Enlightened Broker Supplies, awarded for raising the profile of The Enlightened, but until now, its purpose remains unknown clear.

After six players sit on the six pillars and use the Sphere toy, the message “The Thinker’s Gate has been opened” appears in the chat area, after which an interactable object appears in the chat area. southern column. Anyone can get the Enlightened Hearthstone here—you don’t need the Sphere toy yourself, and you don’t need to participate in opening the Ponder’s Portal.

I just went to Zereth Mortis, followed the crowd, and grabbed the enlightened Hearthstone when it appeared. This area is now quite populated as many players are after this item, so you can get it for yourself even if you don’t have the Sphere toy or a party of six players. Just note that you’ll need to spam the interaction lock to ensure that you loot the Enlightened Hearthstone, as there appears to be a small cooldown period before the next player can collect it.