Blog - February 5, 2024

WoW developers have called Season of Discovery’s faction balancing a ‘ridiculously huge success’

Elder World of Warcraft Producer Josh Greenfield has declared the faction balance changes in Season of Discovery a huge success, with the split between Alliance and Horde players on most servers said to be “better than most.” every stage in OH history.”

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The war between factions is as old as that OH, with players often leaning towards Alliance over Horde or vice versa for any number of reasons, from racial and class preferences to how they can be buffed or nerfed, or even just to role play. When Season of Discovery launched, Blizzard rolled out new features to try and balance the system’s biggest problem—unbalanced numbers—and two months later, developers believe it’s a success. outstanding merit.

Choosing a faction can be a struggle. Screenshot of Dot Esports

One of the difficulties that Blizzard has encountered in the past is that some servers tend to be more Alliance or Horde oriented, which means it is difficult for players to join groups, participate in active communities extreme and difficult to gain access to a thriving auction house. The developers have implemented a simple strategy to prevent this from happening; If a faction in any case OH the server is completely unbalanced, they will lock out that faction and everyone will have to join the opposing faction or another server entirely. This way, the developers balanced the Alliance and Horde server ratios so that there is only a difference of about five to seven percent.

This closeness in player base is the main reason Greenfield considered the change a success, and the WoW developer celebrated on X (formerly Twitter) by writing: “It’s better than most. every long period in WoW history. That’s right, we’re on the moon.”

Of course, it’s not without hiccups, as some players report that they often get locked out of regions and factions where their friends are playing. Even so, the balance lock appears to have been a huge success and will likely stick around in the future—at least according to the early statistics Blizzard is looking at right now.

With SoD Phase Two launching on February 8, it will be interesting to see if we continue to experience faction locking and if the servers retain some balance.