Call of Duty - Esports News - February 2, 2024

Will TSM return to COD Esports as CDL struggles?

Recently, TSM took to social media and published a lengthy post discussing the current state of the organization. Despite being one of the most valuable esports organizations in the industry, ‘Team SoloMid’ has not been immune to the industry’s tight financial woes over the past few years. However, the organization’s leadership team emphasizes that the company is resilient and wants to return to several top tier esports titles, including Call of Duty.

Once upon a time, TSM entered the COD World League, but without overwhelming success. Since leaving the COD ecosystem a few years ago, TSM has had nothing to do with the popular first-person shooter franchise. But things may change. But it comes at a strange time, with COD’s top tournament, the Call of Duty League, getting nothing but bad press lately. From layoffs to ratings issues, controversies surrounding broadcast contracts, and internal conflicts, COD fans have a lot to worry about.

But is TSM ready to overcome these concerns and get back to square one?

TSM is back in Call of Duty.

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In a post made on Reddit, TSM said:

‘We want to reaffirm that TSM remains committed to esports. While we can’t share many detailed plans for the future, we can confirm that we are looking to actively participate in several Tier 1 esports, including League of Legends, VALORANT, and Call of Duty. Call of Duty is really dedicated. It’s a community and that’s what we want to be a part of.’

It was emphasized that the organization wants to participate in the VALORANT Champions Tour and get back into League of Legends esports. With its return to Rocket League in 2024, TSM appears to be on a mission to expand the horizons of esports, but some followers and fans of the organization are questioning the validity of that promise. This is especially true when it comes to Call of Duty. Some users are pointing out that there is a $25 million ‘buy’ in the Call of Duty League and that the future of the league is currently on a knife’s edge.

Mass layoffs have recently occurred within Activision Blizzard, leaving behind a painful team running the esports scene. These layoffs have particularly impacted the Call of Duty League, which is bad news for everyone involved, especially the organizations that want it. join ecosystem after being disrupted for several years.

Currently this is mostly speculation. There is no certainty about the future of CDL or TSM, and only time will tell what happens next.

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