Blog - February 8, 2024

Will Helldivers 2 crash? How to check server status

Intergalactic shooting game Hell diver 2 is now available on Steam and the PlayStation Store, but many players have reported that they are unable to launch the game or connect to the game’s multiplayer servers. If you are also experiencing problems then the server is most likely down. Here’s how you can check.

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To be Hell diver 2 down?

Fight in the snow fields in Helldivers 2Can’t get in? Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

At the time of writing, the server gives Hell diver 2 seems to be working without any problems. That means the game launched as recently as February 8, so the errors you’re experiencing are likely due to spikes in player traffic and inevitable post-launch server hiccups .

If you can’t join a multiplayer game, make sure you have cross-play enabled. PlayStation users require a PS Plus subscription to play multiplayer, so make sure you have an active subscription. While you’re at it, check your network’s stability because unstable Internet can easily mimic server glitches. Disconnect from any VPNs you’re connected to and make sure your Windows Firewall settings aren’t blocking Helldivers 2’s online features.

If the problem doesn’t seem to be on your end and you still can’t play Hell diver 2I recommend you submit a support ticket to Arrowhead Studios, explaining the problem you’re experiencing and including screenshots if necessary.

How to check if Hell diver 2 server stopped working

There is no dedicated platform for you to test it out Hell diver 2 down or not. You must visit the official social page on X (formerly Twitter) or join the official Discord server for updates.

Another way to determine if the server is having problems is to ask a friend who lives in the same area. Check to see if they are experiencing the same error codes or issues as you. If so, it’s probably an issue that needs Arrowhead’s attention, so submit a request to report it.