Blog - February 5, 2024

Why does Xbox want to start bringing its games to PlayStation?

Despite owning some of the major game publishing companies and operating the most robust game subscription service on the market, Microsoft and Xbox are reportedly giving up on keeping their titles exclusive in the ecosystem. their attitude.

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In early February 2024, reports detailed that Xbox’s two main exclusives in star school and has not been released yet Indiana Jones and the Great Circle may be coming to PlayStation in the future. Titles like Sea of ​​thieves And Hi-Fi fever has also received cross-platform consideration. This would represent a big step up from Xbox’s strategy of only releasing major titles on Xbox and PC, and making them available as daily releases on Game Pass, although there are currently no plans yet for that subscription service coming to PlayStation.

So why the sudden change? This is Some of the reasons why Microsoft is so interested in bringing some of its titles to PlayStation and other consoles.

Bringing Xbox games to machines that won the “console war”

Xbox has officially admitted defeat to Sony and PlayStation when it comes to game hardware sales. Back in May 2023 in an interview with Kinda Funny, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said “we don’t sell better consoles than Sony or better consoles than Nintendo,” admitting that Xbox was in “a better position than Nintendo.” third place in the gaming console market.

With Xbox trailing both competitors, creating several cross-platform games could theoretically introduce those games to two separate player bases, each larger existing facility, at least on the console.

To help grow Game Pass

At first glance, this may not make sense. Why does selling games on other platforms help Game Pass? Because it’s money and revenue that matters, and sales of Xbox games on PlayStation and other platforms contribute to Xbox revenue, making it easier for Game Pass studios to continue making games.

People at Microsoft always say that Game Pass is profitable, but that doesn’t mean it’s not expensive, and users have had to endure at least one price increase. With PS5 and Switch sales offsetting some of the costs, Xbox could delay or even avoid another price hike or even another round of severe layoffs.