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Why are the Justice League evil in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League?

Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League the name doesn’t hide anything The Justice League are the do-gooder heroes of the DC Universe who dedicate their lives to saving the world and making it a better place. So why are they the bad guys now and how did they get there?

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Let’s see how evil the Justice League becomes in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League. front spoiler for those who want to experience the game and its story for themselves.

Why is the Justice League so evil? Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League?

Green Lantern in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.This Green Lantern is a version of John Stewart, but he was brainwashed before the game began. Screenshot of Dot Esports

All members of the Justice League—except Wonder Woman—are brainwashed by the alien villain, Brainiac. The villain’s ultimate goal is to transform planet Earth into a new version of his destroyed home, planet Colu, but he cannot do it alone. He wanted to recruit the League as his lieutenants, so he captured them and control their minds so that he can have their unmatched strength at his side.

His brainwashing abilities turn the League to the dark side, making them believe they are on the right side in the war between Brainiac and humanity, even if it means killing innocent people which they had previously fought hard to protect. .

How the Justice League was turned evil by Brainiac in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League?

Image of Batman holding a gun in the game Suicide Squad Kill the Justice LeagueEvil Batman is not the character we know and love from Arkham Game. Image via Rocksteady.

The only way you can learn more about how Brainiac captured the Justice League is by listen to collect ARGUS tapes found in the Codex section of the pause menu.

There are three different types of ARGUS tape, but the ones with relevant information are tape five, six, seven, And to a lesser extent, eight.

ARGUS tapes five and six

In tapes five and six, the Federation discusses Brainiac’s ominous appearance and his offer to open negotiations on his ship. Batman and Wonder Woman are understandably uncertain, while Superman and Green Lantern choose the diplomatic route. The Flash is a bit more. The group agreed to board the train together with good intentions. An odd choice, to say the least.

ARGUS bands seven and eight

By the seventh tape, it is clear that Brainiac only wants to meet the Justice League to allow them to be willing to become his lieutenants. When it became apparent that Brainiac planned to use force to take over the League’s minds if they did not submit, Wonder Woman made plans with The Flash to escape the ship.

In-game screenshot of The Flash holding Lex Luthor's heart in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice LeagueThe bad guy Flash ripped the heart out of Lex Luthor’s chest. Images via Rocksteady and GameClips on YouTube.

The eighth tape tells us that The Flash broke the sound barrier to escape the ship but was only able to take Wonder Woman with him. This explains why Wonder Woman wasn’t brainwashed at all, and why The Flash wasn’t brainwashed at first either. There is also a hint that Brainiac knew Superman’s weakness to kryptonite and used it in his plan to subdue him. The ninth and final tape confirms that the Federation has been compromised.

Towards the end of the game, we see Brainiac capture the Suicide Squad and gain a better understanding of his mind control techniques. He uses alien technology to remove the parts of his victims that are holding them back from becoming an unparalleled threat. He also makes offers that are almost impossible to refuse, tapping into their deepest desires and fears to make them obey.

For die-hard fans of the franchise, it’s hard to see something like this happening to DC’s brightest heroes and Rocksteady’s Batman in the movies. Arkham Game, but when you call your game Destroy the Justice Leagueit’s not too surprising.