Blog - February 6, 2024

Why are Play Ratings down in MW3 season two?

There’s nothing more annoying than when you try to play a game but can’t, such as when Ranked is broken. Modern warfare 3.

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Time is money and Call of duty players often look to spend their time grinding through Ranked Games to earn exclusive rewards, ranking points, and bragging rights against common opponents in the ladder and skill division they are placed into.

Ranked game downtime is a bummer, but it usually doesn’t last too long. However, it’s confusing to have free time but not ranking time. However, we’ll give you all the details you need to get promoted again when possible.

Here are all the details Why is playing rating decreasing? MW3 and when we can expect it to return.

Why is the Play rating down in the MW3?

Play ranked MW3It’s impossible to get these skins if you can’t play. Image via Activision

Ranked plays decreased in MW3 because There is downtime at the beginning of each season or major update. When a new update appearsspecifically the new season update, Ranked play was no longer available and then brought back within a few hours when statistics are reset. Be patient, it usually only takes a few hours for the update to be playable.

In the case of an outage on February 7, this was due to the Ranked Match downtime that had begun as part of the Season two updated and is not currently ready to be added back into the game.

⏱ #MW3 Playlist Downtime: MW3 Ranked Play will be offline on Wednesday from 12am PST until late morning after Season 2 officially begins.

Players will not be able to matchmake in MW3 Ranked Games and playlist buttons will be disabled during this time.

— Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) February 6, 2024

It’s not yet known exactly when the new Ranked season will take place, but make sure to follow @CODUpdates or @Treyarch on Twitter for official information directly from Activision and CoD Developers.

When MW3 Ranked Play is coming back?

Ranked play will return at some point “late morning after Part Two officially began,” according to Treyarch.

Until Ranked playlists return, we recommend ranking up the new battle pass, unlocking new guns, trying out new maps, and having fun while booting whenever Ranked mode returns again MW3.

MW3 Ranked play will work offline after 2 a.m. CT on February 7 until the end of the dayand “players will not be able to matchmake in MW3 The Play Ranked and Playlist buttons will be disabled during this time,” according to the developer.

Ranked gaming will hopefully be back online soon after the update goes live at 11 a.m. CT on February 7.