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Who is the voice actor for Smolder in League of Legends?

More smoldering To be League of Legends’ The newest champion arrives in Summoner’s Rift, and this talented marksman is sporting a quirky voice to match his diminutive appearance.

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Fiery Fledgling is taking over the bottom lane with his strong kit, showing off great mobility with his Flap, Flap, Flap skill and a pretty good slow with his Achoo! launches, and even scales in a variety of ways, whether he’s blasting his enemies with his Super Burning Breath or his passive. If needed, he will use his ultimate ability to call upon his mother to launch a massive wave of fire onto the battlefield to heal wounds and deal devastating damage to enemies.

Even still, League fans are wondering who gave Smolder the perfect voice for a fierce little dragon in training.

Who is the voice actor for Smolder in the movie? Laugh?

The skin releases smolderinglyDon’t make Smolder call his mother. Image via Riot Games

Smolder’s voice actor in League of Legends is Georgie Kidder, an experienced voice actress who has played various roles on television and short films. She is best known for her roles in several children’s shows, such as Baby Shark’s big show, Goldie and the Bear, And The house is noisy.

However, she has also appeared in several video games, with gigs including Fortress‘s Willow, a Sim in The Simsand many different voices in LEGO size. This is Kidder’s first work with Riot Games, but she has a very distinct voice that perfectly matches Smolder’s childlike expressions and attitude.

You can check out Kidder’s work on Smolder by selecting the champion in Tournaments shop. He’s still finding his place in the current meta, but over time, ADCs will figure out how to fit him with the best lineups.