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Where to find the Giant Dragon Egg in Palworld

Palworld takes up a lot of words Pokémon, and egg incubation is also a core part of the game. These eggs come in all shapes and sizes, with the Giant Dragon Egg at the top in terms of rarity.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Giant Dragon Egg in Palworld.

The location where the giant Dragon Egg is located Palworld

Giant dragon eggs take up some serious space. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Huge dragon eggs it seems random spawn in Palworld. However, community members shared where they found the Giant Dragon Egg on Reddit.

  • Ruined fortress city
  • Fishing village
  • Obsidian Mountain

Here are some of the Giant Dragon Egg locations mentioned, showing a potential pattern.

In general, the location where Giant Dragon Eggs appear is popular higher altitude. Climbing while keeping an eye on peaks and cliffs is a sound strategy when searching for these eggs. We recommend using flying Pals during this process as you will have a better view of things.

Mounts that you can use to find the Giant Dragon Egg

Here are some early game mounts you can use to reach high places and find giant Dragon Eggs in Palworld.

Hey buddyAttachment TypeEarly positionRequires technology level for saddlehowlsLandWindy hill
Swamp island
And Bright green Brook teleport point.9ArsoxGroundCan be hatched from Burnt Eggs
Swift’s Sealed Kingdom (recommended level 30)16spider wings Flying east Tower of Rayne’s organization teleport point15VanwyrmFly southwest of Swordmaster’s Sealed Realm teleport point21 Author’s note

With Nitewing, I can find about 1 to 2 giant dragon eggs around the world. Arsox is fast enough to get around lower mountain areas and can even dash forward at a fast pace, which is why I used it a lot to find giant strewn Dragon Eggs around the world. However, Vanwyrm helped me more in the early and mid game when finding the Giant Dragon Egg.

What friends can you hatch from the Giant Dragon Egg?

There have been confirmed Dragon-type friends hatched from Dragon Eggs. These are dragons hatched from giant clear dragon eggs Palworld:

  • The Flame of Jormunts – 5%
  • relax – ten%

This list may grow in number as players continue to unlock new content in the game Palworld.

Author’s advice

So far, I can only find one relax but there are friends who have found Giant Dragon Eggs in more difficult areas The Flame of Jormunts. I’d assume higher level areas would produce higher level Dragons.

If you find and catch Jetragon before finding your first Giant Dragon Egg, you can also breed this Pal and get the same type of egg.

How to incubate giant dragon eggs in Palworld

Like other eggs in the game, you will need an incubator to hatch giant dragon eggs. During the hatching period, provide adequate heat by fire, house heater and Pals to provide heat like Wixen. You can see the full Friends list on your Paldeck and use Fire elements to increase the temperature.

It took me two hours to hatch a giant dragon egg, although incubation time will vary depending on the difficulty level of your world.

There you have it. You know everything you need to find the Giant Dragon Egg in Palworld. Good luck!