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Where to find the Blue Goblet tavern in Enshrouded

There are many great locations to build a base Cover, but not many of them are pre-built and have additional supports for living there. If that sounds appealing to you then you’ll want to know about the Blue Goblet Pub.

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Where is the Blue Goblet pub? Cover?

The besieged player stands in front of the Green Goblet TavernIt almost looked like there was someone inside. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Unlike most places in Coverthe Blue Goblet Tavern is super cozy. It’s not marked on your map nor is it part of any quest (as far as I know). Most importantly, you can set up Fleme around (or inside) the Pub and claim it as your own.

Not only do you get one of the most beautiful locations in the game, but you also get a huge amount of money. 25 Enhanced comfort Just to live there.

Where to find the Blue Goblet pub Cover

The Enshrouded map shows directions to the Blue Goblet PubFly west from the Revelwood Fast Travel point. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can find Green cup pub quite early; you just Second level altar and access to Ancient tower – Revelwood quick travel destination. If you have both, teleport to the Fast Travel point and jump west. Go west (slightly northwest) and try to land in the forest area.

You should find a visible path leading up a hill. Go all the way and you will see your destination. It’s a huge pub in the middle of nowhere so it’s hard to miss.

What’s special about Blue Goblet pub? Cover?

The enclosed player stands inside the Blue Goblet TavernJust look at this place! Screenshot of Dot Esports

Have I mentioned how cozy this pub is? If you set up the Flame Altar, you will immediately have one of the most comfortable places in the game. With a large fireplace at the entrance and lots of chairs, beds, bookshelves and knick-knacks, it was surprising that the place was empty.

Not only that, if you explore around the basement and some of the rooms, you’ll even find a few chests. Oops, there’s a silver chest on the roof of the Tavern (you can use the grappling hook to get up). Sure, there are a few rats in the basement and you might want to get rid of the remaining skeletons, but honestly, this is easily one of my favorite locations in the entire game.

Of course, you could easily create a place like this yourself, but I for one am not interested in building it. Coverso it’s perfect for me.