Blog - February 6, 2024

When will Path of Exile 2 be released?

Road exile landed in 2013, and for more than a decade it’s kept adventurers busy with constant content updates and nearly endless building and combining opportunities. But now, in 2024, a change is coming: Grinding Gear has announced that a sequel Path of Exile 2 is on the horizon.

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PoE 2 was revealed in 2019, but when can we get our hands on the latest ARPG?

When can we play? PoE2?

Lightning strikes the ground near a character in the rain in Path of Exile 2.Looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer. Image via Grinding Gear Games

Players want to participate PoE2 Full release will be Probably have to wait until 2025. That said, a beta test is underway and is expected to reach players on June 7, 2024.

With expected completion time between closed beta and official release, abnormal PoE 2 will fully launch before the end of 2024. Due to the new classes, maps, bosses, monsters, items, etc. in the game’s sequel, Grinding Gear won’t be in a rush to release anything.

When PoE announced and revealed for the first time, the game is in beta both years before launch, but since we know the developer has been working hard since 2019, we’re not sure that the time between beta and launch won’t be as long.

One thing players won’t need to worry about is transferring and buying and selling old microtransactions. Grind Gear has confirmed that items purchased from the store will be usable in PoE 2. In fact, the company plans to offer more content and updates for the prequel alongside the new game. Whether this will sustain in the long term remains to be seen.