Blog - February 2, 2024

When will MW3 Part 2 be reloaded?

All Call of duty fans now know that the launch date is just a portion of the content the new season has to offer. Modern warfare 3 and other titles also received the mid-season “Reload” patch.

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of MW3 season two starts on February 7 with a bunch of new content such as maps, weapons, Rank respawns in Battlefield, and more. But a month later there will be more content for CoD Players around the world participate.

This is when to expect of MW3 Part two is reloaded and what’s in it.

When MW3 Season 2 Reloaded coming soon?

MW3 playlist is for snipers onlyReload. Image via Activision

MW3 Season Two Reloaded does not have an official release date yetbut it’s likely to come out in the first week of March, could be as early as March 6.

March 6 is a good guess when considering the above roadmap CoD The blog has listed a number of in-game events, with the last one to date (Zombie: Fear the Living) runs from February 28 to March 6. More events are listed for “mid-season,” implying that the mid-season update will arrive when Zombie event ends.

What’s in there? MW3 Season 2 reloaded?

A few colorful MW3 operators fight in a skyscraperThere’s a lot to do. Image via Activision

Several changes are coming in Reloaded Season Two, including new, new multiplayer content MWZ Story content and supplements Battlefield.

The house was redone

MW3 house was redoneReturn to form. Image via Activision

Popular CoD: Pioneer small map House coming soon as a remastered, modernized version, set atop a skyscraper in modern times.

New mode, remixed map

Image of MW3 operator in Zombies modeGet the Ray gun! Image via Activision

Limited-time modes will enter the game as new or returning entries from previous games or seasons.


Ray Gun multiplayer mode, eddy, is back with a vengeance along with a limited-time event where players can earn rewards. The spooky remixed maps Tetanus, Satan’s Quarry and Sporeyard will be joined by newcomers Skidgrow (Skidrow) and Airborne (Terminal).


A spin of Team Deathmatch, Bonus will mark the person scoring the most points on each team as a High Value Target (HVT), who will have a higher point value when killed.


All Juggernauts, all the time. Juggermosh are Kill Confirmed, Domination and Hardpoint where all players wear the Juggernaut suit, but with some changes.

“Maneuver your massive armor to the middle of the map and secure powerful OHK (one-hit kill) melee weapons, giving you massive power at close range but at a cost,” said Activision. by becoming the greatest threat on the battlefield.” “Release the enemy and examine the remains; You can take armor from the fallen and bulk it up yourself. Also, check the health bar above your enemy’s head and make sure your headshots count as this damage will increase.

New MW3 Zombie content

CoD operator with Ray Gun fights zombies in MWZZombies are renewed in S2 Reloaded. Image via Activision

The “Dark Aether” storyline continues in a reloaded Season Two with a new story plot and second rift.

“A new story mission with new horrors lurking in the Dark Aether awaits you,” Activision said. “You will use many types [[REDACTED]]during the investigation of the second Rift. There are many alarming anomalies in this new maze, as a mysterious entity makes her presence known to Ravenov and the group as they frantically search for an exit from the Rift. Earn coveted rewards, follow puzzling clues, and complete timed quests, all while facing the largest infested Fortress ever seen!

The update also includes new challenges, new diagrams for Mags of Holding, Blood Burner Key and Wonder Weapon V-R11along with a new Lord named Keres.

New Battlefield featured

Luck holds WarzoneGet some new gear. Image via Activision

Three new items join the loot pool in War zone mid-season update, including a Mobile Decontamination Station field upgrade, allowing players to survive while in a gas ring.

Other items are the Research Vessel, which is a mobile point of interest on the ship, and the Bunker Buster kill sequence that will “vertically destroy a building across multiple floors” to help deal with campers.