Blog - February 6, 2024

When will LEGO Fortnite v28.20 patch launch?

The wait is finally over, adventurers. Epic Games is finally here bring an update for LEGO Fortress with the game’s v28.20 patchincludes many additions such as new weapons, new outfits and many other improvements.

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Since the game was released in late 2023, LEGO Fortress quickly became a hit thanks to its simple but addictive gameplay. The possibilities are endless when exploring the ever-growing open world with friends, and the developers are ready to add even more content for fans to enjoy as they traverse the many hills and valleys.

With patch v28.20 coming soon, players should prepare for its release next month.


  • When will LEGO Fortnite v28.20 patch be released?
  • LEGO Fortnite v28.20 patch details

When LEGO FortressThe v28.20 patch release of?

Glider in LEGO FortniteMore content is on the way with Patch v28.20. Screenshot of Dot Esports

LEGO Fortressv28.20’s patch will drop on Wednesday, February 7 after scheduled maintenance at 3pm CT, as confirmed by developers Epic Games. The update shouldn’t take too long to download as there are no major changes, although there are plenty of bug fixes and quality of life changes to look forward to.


LEGO Fortress Patch v28.20 details

Besides the newly added Hunting Dagger weapon, the developers are also adding 13 new skins to the mode while also updating 9 existing skins with more detailed versions. There are also some changes to the basic game mechanics that should be celebrated, especially for those who are extremely meticulous when setting up their village.

In the new update, LEGO Fortress Players will see fewer instances of builds having awkward gaps between specific parts and player-created structures, allowing players to piece together better creations without any inconsistencies. on the wall or ceiling. Overall stability has also been improved in the February patch, helping to prevent crashes across all platforms, and many other bugs have been fixed in the process.

Bounce it back in LEGO Fortress Get in on the action with the jumping platform or sneak your way to success with the new Hunting Dagger when the new patch comes out.