Blog - February 2, 2024

When will Das Haus be available in MW3 multiplayer?

House is one of the most popular maps in Call of Duty: Pioneerand now, the beloved environment will return Modern warfare 3.

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MW3 Multiplayer fans have a lot to enjoy in part two. The big update on February 7 introduces three new six-on-six core multiplayer maps. Like Terminal, Departures is set in an airport and does not follow the traditional three-lane format. Meanwhile, Vista is a medium-sized map of a Brazilian mountaintop resort that looks almost identical to what the veteran CoD fans are familiar with.

MW3 stationThe MW3 The developers have pulled out all the stops for season two. Image via Activision

Finally, Stash House is a new melee combat-focused map set in a recently raided storage house in California. Fans of smaller maps will be happy to know that Activision has labeled Stash House as “Lot Size.” However, Sledgehammer does not stop there as another intimate and personal environment is gradually taking shape.

When was Das Haus added MW3?

Sledgehammer Games announced that CoD vanguard map Das Haus is getting a remaster next year MW3 Part two is reloaded. Based on the start date of season two, we’d expect the mid-season update to launch as early as March 6. However, at this time it’s unclear exactly when Das Haus will be. will be present inside MW3.

Pioneers Das Haus takes place in a fake West Wing as special forces are training to invade the White House. MW3 takes the same chaotic environment and reimagines it in a skyscraper under construction.

“Craving for constant fighting? Expect it as you move through the tight central corridor or move through the openings along one of the outer routes,” Sledgehammer said.

Shipment and Das Haus have combined to create one of the most popular 24/7 playlists during the event CoD vanguard. It wouldn’t be surprising if that playlist returned this time with Rust and maybe even Stash House.