Blog - February 6, 2024

When is the next partner event in Monopoly GO?

Next exclusive GO Partner events are coming in early February 2024 if developer Scopely follows the same release pattern as previous events. Now that Garden Partners has ended, we will likely have to wait three to four weeks to see what new partner events will take place.

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exclusive GO Next partner event date

Global next exclusive GO Partner events are Valentine partner event on February 9. To achieve great prizes requires 80,000 points for each partner position. The grand prize promises dice, cash and a new token, “Cupid Lizzie”.

Monopoly Go's new token, Cupid LizzieImage via Scopely

Typically, partner events have a minimum gap of 25 days. This date coincides with Garden Partners’ closing date on January 13.

You’ll likely receive a push notification on your phone when a partner event goes live.

Partner events in exclusive GO

Partner events at exclusive GO To be Group events you must complete with the help of other players. They’re a lot like main events, such as Twinkle Tree, where you collect tokens on a board to earn points, but you’ll often use those tokens to spin a wheel. The important difference is that you have to cooperate with other players, friends or people the game randomly suggests you invite. Together, you and your team members work to collect points to reach the milestone of winning the event’s grand prize.

As with most exclusive GO events, events provided by partners Rewards like dice, Sticker Packs and cash. Their outstanding appeal lies in the large prize, usually Galaxy sticker pack. This pack includes six stickers and includes guaranteed stickers that players do not already own. This makes partner events especially attractive to players who want to get that elusive final sticker needed to complete an album.

Monopoly man and wife cookThe entire art of the Thanksgiving partner event. Image via Scopely

How to find partners for events

You can find a partner for it exclusive GO event by:

  • Invite randomly suggested players in the event popup inside the game.
  • Form a group in an online community alike GO exclusive Discord server.

I recommend joining online communities to find dedicated partners for GO exclusive partner’s events instead of relying on random suggestions. Players you connect with online are often more committed to achieving the final milestone and are willing to invest the time and dice needed to collect tokens and complete the event.

Teaming up with random players risks teaming up with people who are less interested in playing actively and may want to benefit from your spins for free rewards. Don’t let them do that.

Are partner events worth it?

Partner events are worth it if you’re close to completion exclusive GO sticker album. They aren’t just about collecting tons of dice like the main events. Instead, you want them for Sticker Packs and Sticker Packs that are guaranteed to be missing. Perfect for grabbing that last Gold Sticker you’ve been chasing but can’t redeem.

But if your album has a lot of space, you can waste dice on events and get a little in return. The Galaxy Bundle may give you a low rarity sticker, leaving you feeling frustrated when chasing something rare.

So it’s a good idea to fill up your album as much as possible before attending a partner event exclusive GO. That way, you ensure that those valuable rewards will help you complete your collection.

So there you have it. You know everything you need about the next partner events in Monopoly GO. Enjoy!