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When is the next MTG Bans and Restrictions announcement?

The Witch of the Coast has appeared Magic: The Gathering Prohibited and restricted notifications for the 2023-2024 season. Here’s a full breakdown of when the next ban is expected.

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A predetermined schedule was finally applied MTG Notices are prohibited and limited at the same time as to the legality of one MTG card at Standard has been increased to three years. The purpose of the change is to provide players with a large annual payout. Prohibited and restricted notifications a year while there are periods of the year where WotC can choose to ban cards or keep all formats intact.

Upcoming MTG Prohibited and restricted notifications

Detective Ravnica is researching cluesKnow when next MTG The ban is coming | Image via WotC

Next MTG Bans and restrictions announcements are expected around three weeks after launch Murder at the Karlov manor (MKM). The expected date is March 4 or 11.

ONE Prohibited and restricted window slots do not mean any ban or unban will occur March. The window is there in case the card slips through the design cracks and warps MTG format or meta almost instantly. This window can also be used to ban or unban tags in a format after the Banned and Restricted team has had time to process data and community feedback from the previous Legal-Standards set . At the time of writing, WotC has not officially announced that MKM Notifications of prohibitions and restrictions will occur.

All MTG Notifications are prohibited and restricted during the 2023-2024 season

Niv Mizzet is cool on the throne in the MTG MKM setRecently followed MTG ban tag | Image by WotC

We’ve put together a list of all the Prohibited and Restricted announcements during the event MTG 2023-2024 season to help you keep track.

December 2023 Prohibited and Restricted Notifications

All changes take effect December 4 for tablets and December 5 for MTG Arena.

  • Standard: No change
  • Pioneer: Karn, Great Innovator and Forbidden Geological Examiner
  • Pioneer: Copter smuggling is not banned
  • Modern: Fury and Up the Beanstalk is banned
  • Legacy: No changes
  • Classic: No changes
  • Explorer: Great Creator and Geological Appraiser Karnm is banned
  • Pauper: Swiftspear Abbey is forbidden

Next MTG The prohibited and restricted notification period is approximately three weeks after launch Murder at the Karlov manor. We will keep you posted on any new information from WotC. Be sure to check out ours MKM Limited Bomb Guide and the Best Camouflage Cards for Drafts.