Blog - February 5, 2024

When does the Apex 5th Anniversary event start?

The fifth anniversary of Apex Legends is quickly approaching. As in previous years, Respawn Entertainment has a series of activities and cosmetics lined up to celebrate the launch of season 20.

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While some festivals will take place throughout the entire season, such as map changes and free legendary unlocks, a traditional commemorative collection event will also be held. Here, players can purchase a variety of legendary and epic outfits along with rewards 150 heirloom pieces available for those who complete the entire collection. That doesn’t happen often Top giving Heirloom Shards as the ultimate reward for events like this, that’s what makes anniversaries so special.

You will also only have a limited time to use that offer. This is all time is for by Apex fifth anniversary event.

When does the 5th Anniversary collection event start? Apex Legends?

Pathfinder wields a Peacekeeper as he uses his Grappling Hook to swing over the waterfall.It won’t be long until the festival begins. Image via Respawn Entertainment

The Apex Legends The fifth anniversary gathering event begins on Tuesday, February 13with the release of season 20. It will last a total of two weeks, ending on February 27.

It launches with a community prize tracker and a series of commemorative challenges that will continue throughout the season. During the two-week event, the first of the six free legends, Seer, will Unlocked for all players.

For those who don’t have the cash available to buy into the collectible event, the anniversary challenges offer the chance to earn a Free legendary Wraith skinas well as one the classy colors of season four’s infamous Reactive Flatline outfit For those who missed it the first time.

During the anniversary period, players can give away select items to their friends for free. Giftable items will rotate every two weeks but include skins and stickers for the same legends that will be unlocked for free throughout season 20.