Blog - February 1, 2024

When does Rick Grimes come to MW3 and Warzone?

Call of duty The latest crossovers are bringing iconic characters from Zombie in Modern warfare 3 And Battlefield.

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Rick Grimes And Michonne participating CoD as an operator in time of MW3 season two as part of the celebration of the new show coming in February 2024, Zombies: Living people.

“After being shot in the line of duty, Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to find the world has changed irrevocably,” Activision said of the comic book hero and TV show. “He traveled through this new apocalyptic wasteland, first to find his family and then to find a safe and secure home for them. His fighting skills and strong ethics propel him to a leadership position among the survivors, with whom he quickly forms strong family bonds – especially with Michonne.”

This is when Rick Grimes will predictably invade you MW3 And Battlefield lobby.

When will Rick Grimes be added MW3 And Battlefield?

Rick and Michonne from The Walking Dead in MW3.Rick and Michonne will be together soon. Image via Activision

Rick Grimes is coming MW3 part two on the first day of the season, February 7.

Typically, collaboration skins have to wait for a store update or a Seasonal Reload patch. But Rick is here on the first day of season two MW3 And BattlefieldSo get ready to meet him everywhere in multiplayer or battle royale mode.

“Rick will not hesitate to take action against any threat to his team, whether human or pedestrian,” Activision said. “He puts his people first, and even though he is seasoned in combat and sometimes overwhelmed by this harsh new reality, his dream of rebuilding civilization and opening His path to a better future never wavered. Rick is a heroic figure to his people – someone who sacrifices everything for those he loves.”

How to get operator Rick Grimes in MW3

Images of MW3 and Warzone season 2Recharge for the new season. Image via Activision

ARRIVE Unlock Rick Grimes in MW3, players need the season two Battle Pass. Rick is unlocked as one Instant rewards in the Battle Pass be the first operator.

Players will only need to purchase the premium Battle Pass, equivalent to 900 CoD Points, to unlock Rick. Rick is an instant unlock feature, meaning players don’t even need to upgrade their cards to gain access to the new operator.

Prepare, Zombie fans and CoD player. The walkers are here, but Rick is on your side now.