Blog - February 2, 2024

When does Overwatch 2 season 9 start?

Overwatch 2 the transition to a live service game has been hit or miss, but every few months a new season brings fresh content for players to return to.

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Season eight saw the appearance of Mauga, a new tank hero, and season nine New quality of life changes and some big improvements to existing systems in the game are just around the corner.

This is when season eight ends, season nine beginsAnd What to expect in season nine IN Be alert 2.

When watch out 2 Season 8 ends?

watch out 2 season eight will now end on Tuesday, February 13according to the in-game timer on the Battle Pass.

watch out 2 season 9 release date

Overwatch 2 Season nine will begin on February 13. The information was revealed in the information section of a YouTube video about the season’s trailer. watch out 2 according to the video below, the ninth season will be called Champions.

The trailer will be released on February 7.

What’s in there? watch out 2 season 9?

Winston with sharp eyesThe season will last until April. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

There are no new heroes introduced in season nine, with damage-dealing hero Venture coming in season 10. But there’s still plenty more to look forward to in this season. OW2 Excited players.

Tank heroes and damage are self-healed

According to game director Aaron Keller, a game-changing addition in season nine is that tank and damage heroes will now have their own version of the support hero’s self-healing passive ability.

“The heroes, maps and game modes are all designed to require teams to work together to successfully win a match,” said Keller. “When a group works together—each player making the most of their hero potential while relying on each other to execute strategy—the game feels magical. There really is no other FPS like it. However, when this doesn’t happen and the players are all on their own, the game loses its magic and can become frustrating. Dependency on teammates can be simultaneously one of the best and worst attributes of our game.”

This change can really shake up the game in every aspect, depending on how you feel.

Changes to competitive play

OW2's new competitive gameplay progression for season 9Every match will show progress. Image via Blizzard Entertainment

At BlizzCon in November 2023, Blizzard confirmed that Competitive Play will now update each player’s ranking after each match and not just after nine matches as has been the case since then. OW2 has debuted.

Restrictions on teaming up are also being changed as players at Bronze will be able to team up with friends at ranks up to Diamond.

With the new system, ranked matches will return. Starting in season nine, everyone will have to play 10 ranked matches per season to gently reset their rankings before being ranked and starting to climb the ladder.

A new rank is also being added, even higher than Grandmaster, called “Ultimate”.

Emerald weapon skin

OW2 Emerald weapon skinGreen. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Starting in 2024 with season nine, OW2 will add new Competitive rewards, such as these Emerald weapon skins, along with Gold in the form of skins that players can use Competitive Points to purchase.

New battles and more

As always, part nine will include a battle with a specific theme. There might also be some unannounced and undisclosed additions, such as new maps, modes, etc.