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When does Akihiko join the party in Persona 3 Reload?

Akihiko Sanada is an important character in Reload Persona 3, and when he joins your party, he will contribute a large amount of Strike damage, Electric damage, and healing. But after going out alone during the Darkest Hour, he is injured and won’t be able to go out until he’s fully recovered.

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Akihiko’s Persona is Polydeuces, an Emperor Persona. Its most important quality is being able to deal Electric damage, which is especially valuable in Arqa, the second block of Tartarus. That’s where you’ll encounter many powerful shadows that are weak to Electric damage, like Swift Axle and Steel Gigas.

As soon as you start the game, you learn that an overeager Akihiko went out alone during the Darkest Hour and got beaten up. For weeks afterward, all everyone seemed to talk about was what a badass he was and how great it would be when he was ready to fight again. But while they pretend this will happen any day now, that day never seems to come. It’s coming, although there’s been plenty of teasing and foreshadowing in the meantime.

When did you bring Akihiko in? Reload Persona 3?

Akihiko is ready to fight the darknessAkihiko is a boxer, hence all the ring-related metaphors. Screenshot of Dot Esports

To invite Akihiko to your group in Reload Persona 3, you don’t have to do anything special or meet any conditions. His participation in your party is simply a prearranged event that takes place on a specific day, May 23 (May 23). It was the day of your final midterm exams and you could go to Tartarus with Akihiko that evening. So Akihiko joined the party on May 23.

Annoyingly for me, May 23 was also the day I discovered I had reached another dead end in Tartarus. I was on Level 42, and the second half of the Arqa block would be sealed off with a closed road until the next full moon. So even though Akihiko can join my group, I can’t really challenge him for a few more weeks.

Akihiko in TartarusAkihiko is a teenager, but like Mitsuru, he has the voice of a middle-aged corporate executive. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Ultimately, however, he proved to be a worthy addition to the party. Mainly because of his Electric damage skill, but also because his basic attacks have high critical hit potential and because his healing skill is very useful, especially when Yukari is unavailable or when you simply haven’t selected her yet.