Blog - February 1, 2024

What’s new in MW3 Season 2 Ranked Match?

The ranking game is finally here Modern warfare 3 in the recent mid-season update. But with the second season coming up, the most competitive CoD Players still have a lot to look forward to.

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Season two represents the first “full season of content” for Ranked Games, with the main course being a wealth of rewards CoD Players can earn throughout the season. From winning a certain number of matches to reaching certain skill levels, there’s no shortage of rewards when playing ranked. MW3 Season two.

Rating Play for Battlefield Revival will also premiere next season, but here it is everything new comes MW3 Play ranked multiplayer in part two.

MW3 Seasonal Challenge rewards for ranked play

Players will be able to earn coveted rewards for surpassing ranked victory milestones.

MW3 Play ranked winRewardYear“MW3 Rivals season two” stickers10 “Pro MCW” weapon blueprints25 “Raise them” charms50 “Hard Work Day” weapon decals75“MW3 Second season opponent loading screen100“MW3 Veteran weapon camo ranked second season

MW3 Rewards Division of ranked playing skills

Players will also receive rewards determined by the highest Skill Group they completed. Reaching Gold rank or higher guarantees you at least one camouflage weapon.

Highest skill rewardBronze“MW3 Bronze “Season Two Silver” IconMW3 Season Two Silver Icon “Gold”MW3 Season Two Gold” animated icons and camoPlatinum weapons”MW3 Platinum Part Two animated emblem and weapon camoDiamond“MW3 Animated Season Two Diamond icon and camoCrimson weapon“MW3 Part two Crimson” animated symbol and camouflage weaponIridescent“MW3 Animated symbols, calling cards and weapon camouflage Part two Irisdescent” Top 250“MW3 Animated emblems, calling cards and weapon camouflage Top 250 inches of Part TwoNo. first”MW3 Overall animation and weapon camouflage of Part Two Issue 1Four new weapons are joining MW3 arsenal in part two: BP50 assault rifle, RAM-9 SMG, SOA Subverter battle rifle and Soulrender melee item. We’ll see if the new AR or SMG makes an appearance in the Ranked Play meta.

We will update this post with additional changes to Ranked Games if and when they are revealed in the season two patch notes.