Blog - February 5, 2024

What platform is Starfield on?

If you’re a fan of Bethesda’s role-playing games and are eager to embark on the adventure and mystery of space travel with star schoolI assume you are thinking about which platform you can play that game on.

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Like most people, I thought it would be released on all platforms when it was first announced at Bethesda’s E3 presentation in 2018. My logic was that all previous titles Here theirs are all the same, so why is it different for School? But that changed when Microsoft acquired Bethesda’s parent company ZeniMax Media in 2020.

We know this game will be on Xbox, but with countless other platforms available, many people want to know exactly where they can play star school.

What platforms can you play on? star school ABOVE?

An A-class ship approaches the Jemison in space at StarfieldExplore the universe on Xbox and PC—now. Screenshot of Dot Esports

star school launching on Xbox Series X and PCThis is not surprising because this is a game owned by Microsoft.

It will be available for direct purchase (digital and physical) as well as through Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass upon its release on September 6, 2023. If you are a Game Pass subscriber, you will can jump straight into action with any of the plans provided by the service.

Will star school Available on PS4, PS5 or Switch?

What about PS4, PS5 and Switch? It seems unlikely star school will be coming to Nintendo Switch in the future, but a major platform announcement on February 5, 2024 said the title was is on its way to PlayStation 5 owners.

Besides other games like Sea of ​​thieves And Hi-Fi fever, star school is said to be porting to Sony consoles with the launch of the game’s first major DLC, Shattered Space, around the first half of 2024. This port will only be available to PS5 owners, with Don’t plan on bringing one star school for the older generation of the control board.

Back in 2021, Bethesda creative director Todd Howard said the ability to focus on a smaller number of platforms would “make for a better product” in an interview with the Telegraph. While that’s good for Xbox and PC gamers, it doesn’t bring any consolation to PlayStation and Switch owners who missed out. star school at launch.

Anyway, star school is shaping up to be worth playing. As a PlayStation and PC owner, I have no choice but to play it on PC right now, but I’m definitely interested in revisiting it when it comes to PS5 later this year.