Blog - February 7, 2024

What is XP Overload in CS2?

With the introduction of weekly rewards in Counterattack 2, players have paid more attention to the once forgotten XP system. Now, in the wake of the A Call to Arms update, Valve has instituted another reward system for XP farmers—the “XP Overload” state.

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Here is what the XP Overload system means in CS2.


  • XP overload system in CS2, explained
  • How to achieve XP Overload in CS2?

System overload XP in CS2explain

Image of the XP Overload icon next to a player's name in CS2.A sweet symbol next to your name. Image via Van

Overload XP in CS2 happens once you Limit your weekly XP earnedthings happen when you earn 11,166 XP. From here, you will earn one reduces XP amount for each subsequent game but will apply XP Overload.

This state lasts a minimum of a week and can refreshed every week, meaning players can theoretically maintain XP Overload indefinitely. You’ll know if you have XP overload if you see the icon next to your name anywhere in the gameincluding the main menu, your profile and even scoreboards and kill feeds.

This XP Overload icon works similarly to the annual XP badge; If you continue to gain too much XP each week, the icon will continue to upgrade. Valve’s explanation is: “Additional levels of XP Overload can be unlocked by earning all the normal XP for multiple weeks in a row.”

Used to Not sure what the XP Overload limit is even though Valve hasn’t given us any more information about it. Be sure to check back after each update for new information about XP Overload.

How to achieve XP Overload in CS2?

The fastest way to gain your XP during the week in CS2 in order to Play Premier or Competitive. Typically, two to three Premier matches a week with a multiplier is enough to complete your weekly rewards and earn XP Overload status.

You can Earn XP by completing any CS2 official regimeSo for those who like to play Casual, Deathmatch or the returning Arms Race, you’ll at least be putting in the effort to earn XP each week, but at a much slower rate than Premier or Competitive players.