Blog - February 3, 2024

What is Trailblazer in LoL? New tank item, explained

Riot Games has introduced a new collection of items for League of Legends for the game’s new season, causing a major shift in the meta in 2024. An item, Pioneershas quickly become a suitable choice for heavy combat tanks that want the ability to move flexibly and durably when rushing to the front lines.

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This item has attracted attention among the remaining newly added tools in the store, especially with frequent users. tank championbecause it adds up some much-needed portability At the same time, increase the movement speed of teammates. This would be a great item for later in the game when you’re going after your enemies for a game-winning fight.

How to build a Trailblazer in League

Trailblazer recipe in LoL.Lead your friends to victory. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Pioneers requires a total of about 2500 gold to create, you only need two Epic items to build this and an extra 900 gold to boot. The full recipe for this dish is:

  • Winged Moon Plate (Item + 400 gold)
    • Ruby crystal (400 gold)
  • Mesh shirt (Item + 500 gold)
    • Cloth armor (300 gold)
  • 900 gold.

Trailblazer will give you 40 armor, 200 health and 5% movement speed, but the real attacker lies in its unique passive ability called Guideprovides your team with a great way to engage in teamfights, escape a gank, or pursue any fleeing enemies as they try to evade your reach.

Why is Trailblazer so strong? League

Udyr in League of LegendsBrilliant path to victory. Image via Riot Games

Not only does Trailblazer give you pretty good tank statistics, but it also generates seven stacks of Momentum every 0.25 seconds through the Path passive. This will grant up to 20 additional movement speed to your champion at a maximum of 100 stacks, and at maximum level you will also quickly leave a path behind to grant 15% additional movement speed. passed to any following allies.

If you are a melee champion with this item and have reached maximum stacks, your next basic attack will slow the target by 50% for one second, making it the perfect tool for you to use. Start the fight with an unsuspecting target. You can also rotate around the map with your teammates easily, and you can also change positions for better fighting in the later stages of the match.