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What is this week’s Shadow Weapon in Destiny 2?

Nightfall can be one of the most challenging activities in the Destiny 2 on higher difficulties. Luckily for the Guardians, they have their respective bonuses. Each week, at least one Nightfall weapon will be rotated and can be dropped after completing Nightfall.

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Higher difficulties have higher odds, and Guardians brave enough to face the Grandmasters will receive Premium versions of any weapons offered that week.

Season of the Wish only has two Battlegrounds in the Nightfall rotation (Heist Battlegrounds: Moon and PsiOps Battlegrounds: Cosmodrome), with HyperNet Current (Falling light) and Birthplace of the Vile (Throne World of Savathûn) are also combined. The Corrupted and revamped Lake of Shadows round out the rotation. This isn’t the hardest Grandmaster pool we’ve ever had, but it’s not exactly a walk in the park either.

This is Weapons of the night for this week.


  • Destiny 2 Nightfall weapons this week: February 6 to 13 (season 23 week 11)
  • All Nightfall weapons are rotated in Season of the Wish
  • What is nightfall during the Season of Wishes?
  • Centralized decoding
  • Inherited focus
  • The best night weapons worth farming in Destiny 2
  • What is the Grandmaster Nightfall reward in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Nightfall Weapon this week: from February 6 to 13 (season 23 week 11)

This week there are double Nightfall rewards and double Vanguard ranks.

Old Uzume RR4 sniper rifle in Destiny 2Image via Bungie

  • Weapons: Uzume RR4
  • Nightfall: Corrupt people
  • Champion: Overloaded, unstoppable
  • Threat: arc
  • Surge: Stasis, solar energy
  • Overload: Rocket launcher

This week’s weapon of the night: Uzume RR4

Uzume will return to the Nightfall pool with the re-release in season 23 (though why they’re going with Uzume for the beloved Palindrome cannon is still unclear to most players) . There’s quite a bit to like about this sniper rifle, and if you’re willing to brave Grandmasters for it, the Adept version that allows you to use Adept Big Ones is even more coveted.

The Uzume RR4 has some great perk options for snipers. Clown Cartridges, Lead from Gold, and Fourth Charm are great choices, and you can pair them with Explosive Payloads or Vorpal Weapons. We don’t recommend the Precision Instrument: we’d rather have something more rugged and reliable like the Vorpal Weapon. Deconstruction can be fun for longer damage plays, but Vorpal takes the cake here. However, we still like the IKELOS sniper rifle because it has a better prototype and can be crafted. We don’t feel the need to practice Uzume, but double the rewards and double the repetitions might change our minds.

All Nightfall weapons are rotated in Season of the Wish

Every season, six Nightfall weapons are in rotation. Completing Nightfall has a chance of awarding the player a random Nightfall weapon roll for that week, with higher difficulties improving your odds. If you have reset your rank with Zavala, your weapons may drop along with additional perks in the third or fourth column (or both), depending on how much reputation you have be with him.

The The six weapons of night in Season of The Wish To be:

  • Question loaded
  • BrayTech Osprey
  • Uzume RR4
  • Prison guard law
  • Underground flow
  • Pre-Astyanax IV

What is nightfall during the Season of Wishes?

This is What the Night Cycle will look like in Season of the Witch:

  • PsiOps Battlefield: Spaceport
  • Vile’s birthplace
  • Current HyperNet
  • Lake of darkness
  • Corrupt people
  • Plunder Battlefield: Moon

Night Weapons are available through Concentration Decoding at Commander Zavala

If you have some Vanguard Engrams to spare, Zavala’s Concentration Decoding section offers the ability to concentrate existing Nightfall weapons, as well as Vanguard weapons that have been included in the loot pool later Out of the light and can still fall. Including:

  • Night weapons: Questions loaded, BrayTech Osprey, Prisoner’s Law, Pre Astyanax IV
  • Vanguard weapons: Royal Entry, Empty Ship, Punching Out, Fortissimo-11, Sharp Siren, Pure Poetry, Lasting Engagement, Nameless Midnight, Positive Outlook, Luna Regolith III

Night Weapons are available through Legacy Focusing at Commander Zavala

If you miss out on some of the old Nightfall weapons, you can use some of your hard-earned Vanguard Engrams to get these weapons for the first time, although they are no longer obtainable by regular means. usually anymore. Older weapons, such as the Palindrome and Shadow Price, cannot be used through this method. Below are the previous Shadow weapons you can decode Destiny 2:

  • The Hothead (Rocket Launcher, Arc): A great rocket launcher will dominate as long as rocket launchers continue to be a good DPS choice.
  • Duty Bound (Automatic Rifle, Kinetic, 600rpm): A great Kinetic automatic rifle with a good selection of skills.
  • Silicon Neuroma (Sniper, Kinetic, 72rpm): A powerful 72 rpm Kinetic sniper rifle, enhanced by a skill set with Triple Tap that can be combined with Firing Line or Focused Fury.
  • DFA (Handgun, Kinetic, 140rpm): A good 140rpm might take your place if you don’t have anything better, but it might be outperformed by other options.
  • Least Horror (Pulse Rifle, Arc, 540 rpm): A pulse rifle is more suitable for Crucible than for PvE, but you can still do some damage with it if you use the right roll.
  • Birthright of the Militia (Grenade Launcher, Kinetic, Butt Loading): A solid grenade launcher with access to good perks. It may be beaten by its competitors, but its accessibility is where it shines.
  • Mindbender’s ambitions (Shotgun, Solar, Aggressive Frame): A once glorious pistol has returned with none of its former glory.
  • PLUG ONE.1 (Combination Rifle, Arc): A good general-use combo rifle with access to Reservoir Burst and other damage/charge time perks.
  • Uzume RR4 (Sniper, Arc)90 rpm: A good PvE sniper capable of using both Triple Tap and Clown Cartridge, as well as Vorpal Weapon and High-Impact Reserve.
  • Comedian (Shotgun, Void): A shotgun that wasn’t that great at first but quickly lost its power.

The best night weapon worth farming in Destiny 2

  • Hot-tempered People: One of the best rocket launchers for absolute damage, made even better when Gjallarhorn is involved.
  • Birthright of militia: A usable Kinetic grenade launcher with a rich source of benefits and the ability to use Blinding Grenades. If you don’t have any weapons suitable for that position then Militia’s Birthright may be more than enough.
  • Jury Hung SR4: Will continue to be a great choice for scout rifles as long as they have superior range and continue to receive the Champion mod.
  • Buzzard: A good Kinetic secondary weapon worth keeping an eye on for Spill and Kinetic Run, although veterans may have some alternatives on their vault.
  • Least scary: Rapid-fire pulses may not be the most impactful in PvE, but if you like them, Horror’s Least is a solid choice—and an even better addition to any PvP player’s arsenal because it allows them to fight comfortably at long range.

What are the rewards of Grandmaster Nightfall Destiny 2?

Grandmaster Nightfalls is the most difficult challenge in Destiny 2, but they offer some of the most coveted rewards in the game. Completing Grandmaster Nightfall will drop an Adept version of that week’s weapon, can use the Adept mod, and gain a small bonus to other stats upon mastery.

In addition to Adept weapons (the GM’s crown jewel), players also have the opportunity to receive Ascending Fragments and Exotic armor upon completing the GM, with Nightfall Mementos also on the table.

The rewards for Grandmaster Nightfalls are:

  • Shadow Weapon Adept (Common, but guaranteed to complete Platinum)
  • Strange Devices (Common)
  • Ascending Fragments (Regular)
  • Night Code (General)

Bungie doesn’t share exact drop rates for Nightfall weapons, so it’s hard to estimate exactly what a “normal” drop rate means. However, in our experience, completing the Grandmaster with Platinum points always gives us at least one Ascendant Shard or one Exotic armor piece.