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What is this week’s Ascension Challenge in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 The challenge gradually increases is one of the moving parts related to the Arcane Curse of the Dreaming City, which covers the area in a three-week time loop.

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Curses range from weak to strongest to strongest, and each cycle gives players plenty of treasure to hunt for—if they’re brave enough to dive into the Plane of Ascension in search of riches. Destiny 2 there is a total Six progressive challengeswhich Rotate every week. They’re a solid source of gear for the Dreaming City, including reissues of Waking Vigil, Tigerspite, and Twilight Oath. Completing the Ascension Challenge will net one Legendary gear, but players can get additional rewards if they have Petra Venj’s weekly bounties.

Progressive challenges yield one device each week, along with another from Petra’s bounty. Those goals are character-based, meaning players can get six pieces of Dreaming City gear from the Ascension Challenge alone.

ARRIVE Find the entrance to the Ascension Trial, the player must consume an item called Tincture of Queensfoil, available from Petra Venj for five Legendary Shards or found in chests throughout the Dream City. Each Ascension Challenge will have its own entrance, and although the challenge changes weekly, its entrance will remain in the same location whenever it appears.

What’s on this week’s Ascension Challenge? Destiny 2? (February 6 to 13)

  • Challenge: The temple was confiscated
  • Enntrance gate: Esila Garden (Lost Area)

You’re here this season if you’ve completed the story. Screenshot of Dot EsportsBring the balls to the middle of the arena. Screenshot of Dot Esports

How to find and complete the Ascension Challenge

The Forfeit Temple Ascension Challenge takes place in the Gardens of Esila in the Strand, hidden behind the rock where you find the Celestial Anomaly if you’re following the Constellation quests.

The Forfeit temple challenge is simple, although it does take some time to navigate. You will need to pick up the Arc Charges and take them to the energy source in the middle. These objects will be marked on your map, so you know their general area, although moving around the Ascending Plane can be difficult due to the darkness.

Once you’ve consumed your Arc Charge, you can stand on the pool in the middle to refill your Super. Just in time too: a swarm of enemies will appear, including three large Knights, so use your Super to take them down and collect the Ascension Trial.

How to get Dreaming City equipment Destiny 2

Dreaming City’s gear gets another revamp with Season of the Wish, making those weapons even more relevant. While they still perform quite well, perks like Voltshot on Waking Vigil could give them more of a fighting chance. The Blind Well continues to be a source of new gear (though its new power delta makes it more difficult than before), and some Season of the Wish activities can also remove the weapons being used. Renew.

However, if you want to earn Dream City gear from exploring, Petra offers weekly bounties for completing Ascension Challenges, which will award you an additional gear for trouble. Each week, she will also give a bounty worth Shadow Shards and yield Items for the Oracle. Taking the Seer bonus in Spine of Keres will give you an additional bonus, and on weeks when the Curse is strongest, you’ll be allowed to visit Queen Mara Sov’s throne room. You can also find Ahamkara Bones there if you’re hunting for the Cursebreaker.

Additionally, check Petra’s bounties each day for daily goals that provide gear, as seen in its tooltip. Completing the eight daily bounties and doing Petra’s weekly quest will also give Dream City gear if you’ve purchased the objectives.

Like Ascendant Challenges, these are weekly locked challenges for each character; you can complete them more than once a week as long as you are not with the same Guardian.