Blog - February 3, 2024

What is the skull and sickle icon in Warzone? The streaking squad explains

There are many high-risk challenges Call of duty the player can do it, but Battlefield part two introduces a new way for the best in the game to really test themselves with introductions streak cleaning team.

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Content creators and players in Battlefield The community loves finding new ways to support each other. War zone 2 captured that competitive spirit by introducing Champion Mission Contractthis could create an opportunity for a nuclear bomb and end the match early.

Players make it their personal mission to acquire as many nuclear weapons in a row as possible and find new and creative ways to accomplish the feat. of MW3 repeat of Battlefield brought back the Champions Quest contract and series sweeps of the roster were created for a second season with that same competitive mindset.

What is a squad wipeout streak? Battlefield?

An operator in neon-like paint protects a bombing site from enemies in Warzone.A new development of the nucleus. Image via Activision

Just in season two, the squad wiped out the series Keep track of the number of kills your team achieves return within a certain period of time. At the top right of the screen while Battlefield match, besides the remaining teams, players and your kill count, The skull and sickle icon helps count your team’s total streaks.

Here’s a simple three-step process for the new challenge.

  • Completely eliminate a team.
  • A countdown bar will appear at the top right and the team has 90 seconds to eliminate the next team.
  • If you can eliminate the next team before the timer runs out, the series will continue.
  • After each team wipe, a white flame shoots up from the last enemy player and is visible for 10 seconds for opposing teams to see.

    Lineup deletions are tracked each match and players can review their personal best streaks. There will be calling card and icon rewards for reaching squad kill milestones in season two and beyond—but stringing together multiple squad kills is no easy task because The teams will definitely be primed and ready to fight as soon as you finish the first part. collection of murders.

    Pay attention to your surroundings as you start your streak, and watch the area around you as that fire flares up, or you could become part of a streak that wipes out someone else’s own team .