Blog - February 7, 2024

What is the Disney and Epic Games partnership? Explaining the new $1.5 billion partnership

Disney And Epic game are “collaborating on an entirely new universe of entertainment and games” that will interact with Fortress and provide experiences where users can play, watch, create and shop.

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In addition to launching this multi-year collaborative universe, Disney also invested $1.5 billion in Epic Games and bought back shares, meaning the global media giant is now a partial owner of the home. game release.

Now, Disney and Epic Games are no strangers to each other: Disney products like Marvel and Star Wars has appeared many times in Fortressand several games using Disney IP were created using Epic-owned Unreal Engine. But What exactly is this new collaboration?And how big will it be?

What exactly is Disney x Fortress game universe?

Both Disney and Epic Games just used really vague and general language to describe what will surely be a big project, but it sounds a lot like one. Disney’s gaming metaverse will be closely connected to Fortress.

It checks all the metaverse boxes: multiplayer gaming, sharing user-generated content, the ability to buy things in the experience, and social interaction between users. Fortress has accomplished this by connecting its own lore to other franchises and IPs, but now Disney appears to be getting a comprehensive lore that will still be connected to Fortress. All of this will be powered and built on Unreal Engine.

Of course, all we can deduce so far is just Disney’s announcement. Over time, there will certainly be more to learn about what’s what Disney x Fortress “entertainment universe” will look like.

Which Disney brands or franchises will be included?

Disney Epic Games' collaborative promotional image shows islands connecting various Disney fans.This seems big. Image via Disney

Disney x Fortress The “entertainment universe” will feature “content, characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar and more.” As you can imagine, this collection of franchises features many different IPs.

In the promotional image for the Disney x Epic Games announcement, you can see notable images from ONEvengers,Monsters University,Cars,Wreck-It Ralph,The Nightmare Before Christmas,Toy Story,avatarAnd Star Wars. Logos for Disney+, ESPN, Marvel, Disney Cruise Line and Lucasfilm are also visible.