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What is Over Mastery in Granblue Fantasy Relink?

When it comes Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s game content is over, you need every advantage you can get to overcome the toughest challenges. One such example is Over Mastery.

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You probably won’t discover Over Mastery until you’re deep into the game, unless you really take your sweet time with it. Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s Admittedly, the main story is short. Luckily, unlocking it isn’t too difficult—it’s just time-consuming, but well worth the effort when solving it Link again more difficult task.

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Menu Granblue Fantasy Relink Over MasteryThere are three Over Mastery levels for you to choose from. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Simply put, Over Mastery is a feature that allows you to give your party members additional stat bonuses, but only when they reach level 100. Yes, even if they have reached the maximum level, Granblue Fantasy: Relink’s The crew could be even stronger. Since there are 19 playable characters, getting one of them to level 100 can take a long time. However, some unlockable characters will join at higher levels, so it’s not like you need to start from level one with all of them.

When you get a character to level 100, Over Mastery becomes available to them. There are three levels of Over Mastery that you can choose from—you can only choose one, but each one applies four random stat bonuses. The higher the level, the stronger the bonus stats. However, you need to spend mastery points (MSP) to apply Over Mastery, and each level is more expensive than the previous level. Level one requires 700 MSP, level two requires 1,000 MSP and level three requires 2,000 MSP.

Since MSP is also what you use to unlock new skills and stat bonuses in the Masteries menu, where to use MSP is up to you. You don’t need to unlock everything in your character’s Masteries skill tree before applying Over Mastery; they just need to be level 100. Personally, I like to complete the Masteries skill tree first, since the Over Mastery stat bonus provided is random, but maybe that’s just me. Below is a list of all the potential Over Mastery stat bonuses you can get and their effects:

Mastery bonusEffectIncrease attack powerIncrease the damage of the character’s normal attacksIncrease healthIncrease character’s base healthIncrease critical hit rateIncrease character’s rate of achieving critical hitsIncrease stun powerIncrease character’s stun powerIncrease skill damageIncrease character’s skill damage level Increase Skybound arts damageIncrease a character’s damage level Increase a character’s Skybound arts limit Increase chain damage Increase damage level caused by Chain Bursts Increases normal attack damage limit Increases damage limit for character’s normal attacks Increases skill damage limit Increases damage limit for character’s skills item Skybound Art Damage Cap Increases the damage limit of a character’s Skybound Art Increases limit Increases the limit on how much health a character can restore to himself and others

If you don’t like the choice of stat bonuses offered, you can replace them, but you’ll need to spend the MSP again for another level of Over Mastery. You cannot stack multiple Over Mastery levels because the party will completely fall apart.