Blog - February 1, 2024

What is Hero Mastery in Overwatch 2?

Slowly but surely, Blizzard has finally released more content for precaution 2, the second part of the groundbreaking FPS title.

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A new addition to Overwatch 2 The regimes’ growing arsenals are Master the hero, a set of challenges geared towards perfecting movement and other tactics on a specific character. With a roster of nearly 40 heroes to choose from, this mode aims to help players isolate and perfect a hero of their choice.

Hero Mastery launches fall 2023, free and available to everyone watch out 2 player.

What is Hero Mastery?

Reinhardt raises his shield against a training robot in Overwatch 2's Hero Mastery mode.Reinhardt’s Hero Mastery Mode. Image via Blizzard

According to Blizzard’s release, Hero Mastery mode includes various challenges intended to help players learn details about specific heroes. Each mode operates essentially like an obstacle course, replete with training bots, platforms, and even jumping platforms, with each landscape tailored to a hero’s skill set .

If you’ve ever played the custom workshop mode of a specially designed parkour course for your favorite hero, then Hero Mastery is similar, but this time in official mode.

Depends which one watch out 2 The hero you play for Hero Mastery missions, bot types, and platforms will change. Some courses feature “powerful machines” called tank bots, while others feature smaller targets such as normal training bots and even snipers.

How to level up in Hero Mastery

Each hero has three different course levels to unlock, starting from Recruit and moving to Agent and finally Specialist. To unlock the next level, you will first have to pass the previous course with a high enough star rating. The Agent level requires a three-star Recruit rating to unlock, while the Expert level requires a four-star Agent level rating. You’ll earn rewards for completing all levels for any hero, and you’ll also receive bonus Battle Pass XP.

Your score in the Hero Mastery mission will depend on two factors: your speed along the way and the number of Emblems you were able to collect. Getting a faster time will increase your score, but collecting as many Emblems as possible will determine your final star ranking. There are Top 500 rankings for each hero, so players can compete for the highest scores.

Blizzard has also introduced some limited-time challenges in Hero Mastery to celebrate the release of the game mode. You can overcome these challenges to earn some exclusive cosmetics as rewards.

Who can you play in Hero Mastery?

Hero Mastery was released in September 2023 with only three Overwatch 2 Classic heroes available. Simple starting mode with courses for Mercy, ReinhardtAnd Marker. As of January 2024, more courses are now available, including courses for staying, Winston, Lucio, Mei, D.Va, EchoAnd genji.