Blog - February 4, 2024

What is DDoS in MW3? How to use DDoS Field Upgrade

Modern warfare 3 There are many tools to accommodate many different playing styles Call of duty. One such way revolves around disabling and denying pesky enemy equipment that players leave around doorways and key objectives.

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You can shoot these devices with your weapon, but they usually take a few bullets to destroy and reveal your location. How should you use the Field Upgrade instead? That’s where DDoS useful.

What is DDoS in MW3 and what does it do?

DDoS field upgrade from MW3, a handheld device in a briefcase.A mini EMP with a short cooldown? Sign me up. Screenshot of Dot Esports

IN MW3, DDoS mention Field upgrades are unlocked at level 38. When enabled, DDoS Turn off and disable electronic devices and music players for a short time.

Unless using the Engineer Jacket, DDoS does Recharge speed is very slow, so you’ll need to play objectives or chain several kills together if you want to reuse it quickly. Since its intended use revolves around single targets like Hardpoints or Domination flags, earning enough points to use DDoS again quickly is quite easy if you focus on capturing targets spend with your group.

How to complete the DDOS challenge in MW3

A player aims a pistol at a wall in Modern Warfare 3.Keep an eye on devices within range. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Some daily or weekly challenges, like MW3 The Boys: Supe Siege season one, tasks you with disabling enemies or destroying electronic devices using DDoS. To complete these challenges, you just need Use DDoS Field Upgrade whenever you are near the target or can see enemy equipment.

I advise you should Engineer’s shirt for those who choose to use DDoS Field Upgrade. Its recharge time is significantly reduced, meaning you will be able to activate and use DDoS multiple times in a single match. I also recommend using objective-oriented game modes, like Domination And Hard pointbecause the enemy will drop a series of devices around the target to protect it.

From ammo boxes to Trophy Systems and claymores, DDoS instantly disables or destroys any enemy equipment in the area. See the “Devices in Range” bar visible next to Field Upgrades on the right side of your screen. The number of enemy devices in range (up to four) will be displayed with a blue bar. If the bar is red it means there is an enemy player nearby and will be affected by DDoS.