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What is Bloodshot Eyes in Palworld and how to cure it

There are many different illnesses and misfortunes that can happen to an Inner Friend Palworld, and most of the fixes are clearly laid out for you—except Bloodshot eyes.

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When a Friend gets sick or injured, the game tells you, and the description of the different potions also tells you which one cures it. However, there is a warning message in Palworld that simply tells you that “bloodshot eyes” of a Pal and that “there is something wrong…” It’s foreboding, vague, and offers little other information than that. Here’s what the strange warning message means and what you should do if you see it.

What is the effect of bloodshot eyes? Palworld?

Palworld screenshot showing Wumpo sleeping on a Straw Bed.Closing your eyes will never turn bloodshot. Screenshot of Dot Esports

A warning message about Bloody Red Eyes does not mean the Friend is Sick. Rather, it means that the Friend is very close to falling victim to the Disease.

Specifically, you will see this warning on Pal when Their Sanity is falling to dangerous levels. If a Friend’s Morale is low for too long, that Friend will suffer from Depression and need Medicine to cure it. If a Friend is warned that their eyes are bloodshot but is not yet showing signs of Depression, it is not too late to correct the problem without the use of Medication.

You’ll want to act fast if you receive this warning because it means Red Eye you do not have many time before things get worse and Medicine becomes necessary.

How to fix Bloodshot Eyes in Palworld

Palworld screenshot showing a sickly Eikthyrdeer.This Eikthyrdeer is overworked. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The most confusing part about receiving this warning message is that it does not mean there is anything wrong with your facility design or working conditions. At least, not necessarily. If your base doesn’t have Pal Beds or Hot Springs then Pals will definitely get Bloodshot Eyes and then become Depression. However, you will still frequently see this warning even if your base is fully equipped with a Bathroom and a Bed.

If you get this warning when there is no reason for your Friend to have low Sanity, it means just that stuck on terrain somewhere in your base or has malfunctioned and no rest or sleep.

This is possible easily repaired by resetting the Pal in question to the Palbox and then reassigning it to your base. Most of the time, you’ll see Pal running to the Hot Springs or Food Container—something they would have done sooner if they hadn’t gotten stuck.

If you want to be cautious, you can Leave that Pal in the Palbox until its Sanity recovers over 50 percent. This will minimize the risk of that Pal becoming trapped again while its Sanity is still in the Bloodshot Eyes danger zone.

If your base doesn’t have Hot Springs or enough Pal Beds for the number of Friends assigned to it, that’s why your Friends get Bloodshot Eyes. In this case, the warning is not due to the Pal getting stuck but rather due to an actual problem in your base design. To fix this, you need to build Hot Springs and additional beds in your base.