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What happened to Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex Legends Mobile is a portable version of the hugely popular BR title, released in May 2022. The initial announcement and launch generated a lot of excitement and hype. However, less than a year later, the game is no longer available in the application store. Here’s the story of what happened in Apex Legends Mobile.

What happened to Apex Legends Mobile?What happened to Apex Legends Mobile?

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Apex Legends Mobile – Lots of potential, but underutilized

With the massive success of its PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and CoD Mobile games, EA has quickly joined the ranks with the mobile version of Apex Legends. The ambitious BR title was built from the ground up for mobile devices.

However, since its initial release, the game has been riddled with many bugs and optimization issues. Probably because it was released in a hurry. This made it difficult for the title to draw players away from its competitors. These issues were later fixed throughout 2022, but the game never came close to the popularity of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire.

EA later announced in early 2023 that the game would end on May 1, 2023. At the time, the company said this was because the game did not meet its standards for “quality, quantity and speed.”

What exactly this means is unclear. First of all, while Apex Mobile isn’t performing well, the game has been out for less than a year. The title had a lot of potential if the game was marketed correctly.

Instead, EA decided to shut down completely.

Will I come back?

Best Apex Legends Mobile Pro SettingsBest Apex Legends Mobile Pro Settings

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Is Apex Legends Mobile gone forever? Or is it? EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in its FY23 quarterly results that the company could bring a “reimagined and connected” Apex Mobile experience into the future.

What exactly this means is unclear. Since then, the company hasn’t said anything else about the game. Only time will tell whether players will be able to experience Apex on mobile again.

However, the failure of Apex Legends Mobile has become an example for other game developers. Activision with Warzone Mobile, Ubisoft with Rainbow Six Mobile, and Tencent with Honor of Kings are all taking their time to iron out optimizations and bug fixes before global launch. These developers realized the importance of capitalizing on the early hype for their games. Therefore, they are ensuring that the finished product is delivered to the public.