Reviews - February 3, 2024

What does the red lightning bolt mean on Apple Watch?

Red Lightning Bolt is more than just a recharge reminder. It may also indicate a problem with the charger cable. If the cables are awkwardly crimped or bent, or if your pet chews on them, your device’s battery won’t get the electrical power it needs. If your Apple Watch doesn’t power on completely even after being connected for a long time, replace the cable with a new one.

If it’s not a charging issue, the red illuminated bolt icon may also mean that your Apple Watch has a feature called Low Power Mode enabled. This feature allows you to preserve battery life by limiting everything but the display time.

Here are the steps to disable sleep mode as per Apple:

1. Scroll down and select the gear icon to go to the Settings menu.

2. Select the battery option.

3. Under Battery Status there is an option to turn Low Power Mode on or off.