Blog - February 2, 2024

What does ‘Skill Limit Exceeded’ mean in MW3? Play Rating Division, explained

Modern warfare 3 Ranked play has eight Skill Divisions, and to ensure competitive balance, the game mode has restrictions to prevent players from taking on opponents who are too highly ranked.

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Ranked play uses the Skill Division system. Everyone starts at the bottom and CoD players can gain Skill Rating by winning matches or lose SR after losing. Players are also judged on their individual and team performance and rewarded or punished based on how they perform match-by-match.

Rank and division MW3Achieving higher rankings is a difficult thing to do MW3. Image via Activision

Each Skill Department has three levels. For example, a player must advance to Bronze I, II and III before reaching Silver. At the start of each new season, users will be reset to three levels to keep the experience fresh. With that out of the way, let’s move right in MW3 Limit the division of skills.

Which MW3 Can skill departments play together?

This is all the limitations of the Skills Department within MW3 Play ranked. The player with the highest Skill Level in the group determines which group’s SR restriction will be used.

  • Bronze to Platinum: Partying is possible without any restrictions.
  • Diamond: Can team up in two Skill Groups.
  • Metallic and Top 250: Can form parties with players in the same Skill Division.

All MW3 Ranking in Ranked Games and Skill Division

This is each Skills Room in MW3.

  • Copper: Departure department
  • Silver: 900 SR
  • Yellow: 2,100 SR
  • Platinum: 3,600 SR
  • Diamond: 5,400 SR
  • Dark red: 7,500 SR
  • Iridescent: 10,000 SR
  • Top 250: 10,000 SR