Blog - February 1, 2024

Warzone zombie powers explained: Zarkour, Undead Sight, etc

Battlefield Part two is introduced Seven limited-time zombie power-ups each has a special ability, such as infinite tactical sprinting, dropping buy station items, etc.

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Raven Software has developed a model that adds special capabilities to Battlefield coincides with the theme of the respective season or crossover event. For example, WZ2 season four, arriving in July 2023, introduced the Temp V Field Upgrade that gives the operator superpowers, such as electrical shockwaves, laser vision, or teleportation.

Next this Battlefield Zombie-themed sequel and introduces a crossover with Zombie. In the spirit of the event, the update also adds a number of zombie powers to the battle royale, each lasting for a limited amount of time.


  • What is a zombie power-up in Warzone?
  • All 7 Warzone Zombie power-ups

What is a zombie power up? Battlefield?

Michonne in WarzoneZombie power-ups are a new addition to the Battlefield. Image via Activision.

In addition to the perks that players equip, these new zombie boosts in season two also provide an additional ability. These limited-time power-ups can be found anywhere on the map in caches or by killing enemies. These power-ups are marked with the same iconic green light as magnetic power-ups Zombie CoD.

All 7 Battlefield Zombie power up effect

Most of these abilities are self-explanatory, but Zarkour and Undead Sight are sure to be controversial. The ability to endlessly sprint around the map with 25% faster movement speed will certainly frustrate players who are killed by the operator with this skill.

Meanwhile, Undead Sight gives a red highlight to enemies that can make escaping from enemies a nightmare. Battlefield team.

Below are all seven possibilities Battlefield Season two:

  • Double points: Duration 60 seconds. Double your loot and ground kills, and score points in Respawn events (contributes to teammate respawn timing).
  • Full armor: Instant buff. Fills your active Armor slots upon receipt.
  • Maximum Ammo: Instant buff. Refill all your carry weapons with ammo upon pickup.
  • Compete: Duration 90 seconds. Discount on all items in the store for a short period of time.
  • Pillage: Duration 60 seconds. Add bonus items to the cache, with a very high chance of bonus Common items and a small but significant chance of additional Legendary items.
  • Zarkour: Duration 60 seconds. Increases movement speed by approximately 25 percent, with Tactical Sprint and Infinite Recharge while Sprinting, and negates Fall Damage.
  • Zombie scene: Duration 45 seconds. Operators or AI enemies in your field of vision are highlighted in red, and friendly teammates are in blue. Footstep tracking is active.

Activision also noted that Battlefield players can expect some power-up durations to be adjusted during the season, based on community feedback once they go live.