Blog - February 7, 2024

Warzone season 2 subtly adds a new one-shot sniper

Buried in Battlefield season two patch notes, Raven Software has quietly changed the sniper gun so that it can now kill enemies with a single shot.

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Modern warfare 3 repeat of Battlefield launched only by a sniper rifle capable of destroying enemies in a single shot. With just one headshot, the KATT-AMR instantly takes down enemies from any range, but the weapon’s slow movement and aiming time can make it difficult to use.

MW3 XRK StalkerThe XRK Stalker will be a new weapon used in Warzone. Image via Activison

That learning curve only got steeper in the reloaded season one, as nerfs to KATT-AMR’s most popular ammo and projectile types reduced bullet speed and damage range values . Severe ammo drops make the sluggish sniper rifle less accessible to new users, but Raven Software indirectly addressed this problem in part two.

XRK Stalker can now one-hit kill enemies in Warzone season 2

As part of the season two update, The XRK Stalker can now take out one hit with a headshot within its maximum damage range, is 50.8 meters without attachments. However, that damage range can be extended a bit by equipping a muzzle, barrel, and/or ammunition that improves the sniper rifle’s damage range.

By comparison, the XRK Stalker has a base sprint speed of 283 and an ADS speed of 610 ms, while the KATT-AMR’s sprint to fire speed is 351 and an ADS speed of 760 ms. Players will immediately notice a clear difference between both weapons when using the XRK Stalker in a match. The KATT-AMR still has the advantage of being able to get one-shot kills from any range, but the new option provides a much more mobile and accessible option for players and would be perfect for Urzikstan or Resurgence.

It is important to note that snipers will not take down players with a single shot in Respawn Ranked Games. Players can still use classes, but the weapon’s maximum damage will be 299.